14 Unique Wedding Lighting Ideas With Festoon Lights

Weddings are just simple fairy tales for some couples, some couples choose to have humble celebrations whilst some families just go for the magnificient lighting and decoration and food presentation opportunity! No matter which type of party you chose to have, there are two things that hardly change, well three in fact… Food, decoration and lighting. If you are having a night time wedding party, it’s easier to envision what lighting you are going to have, but that is a little harder when you’re having a late afternoon brunch party.

And if it is an outdoor wedding, the lighting plays the most important role, but people usually forget about lightning and focus on all the other things. We have got some amazing ideas for you which you can implement in the field of lightning in wedding functions. You can see the different unique lights and lighting ideas at the Festoon House.

1. Indoor

Source: whiteroomweddings.com

Natural lighting is the best and if you are thinking of having an indoor reception and there are not ceiling windows for extra light to come. You need to bring out your creativity in this section and can go for the floor lighting. You can dim the overhead lights and line the floor with lights for example strip lights or a combination of strip and candle lights.

2. Arch

A well-lit wreath, arch, or backdrop behind the stage is a stunning look. It goes great for indoor and outdoor ceremonies and you can also pair it with the floor lighting system to get the attention of the guests. However, if you going for the outdoor ceremony, the look and technique need to be changed. You can go for the light-filled backdrop for evening and night function and you can get the full effect of the glow against the dark sky.

3. Neon

Source: brides.com

Neon lights are great for any kind of function as they can increase the brightness of any event and area. These look so cool above the sweetheart table or as part of the photo booth – but you can also find neon strip lighting. Moreover, you can even get the neon lights in the strip lighting style and can shape them any way you want.

You can attach the neon lights to any place your want such as walls, ceilings, fans, etc. Think about zoo lights during the holidays – there are tons of ways to creatively incorporate strip lights into your wedding.

4. Geometric Chandelier

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These kinds of lights are still trending for wedding themes and they still look great. You can just build these lights the way you want without any guidance or instructions. However, you might find it tough to attach these lights but usually, a tape would do fine. Depending on the venue’s current lights, you may be able to build the chandelier around the existing light, but otherwise, you’ll need to find a hook to hold your chandelier in place.

5. Watercolour lights

Source: traditionslighting.com

Well, these kinds of lights are simple lights that are made to look like watercolour lights. Some of the lights are placed on the floor or the ground and directed towards the ceiling to create an ambience. You can attach different colours of lights in this case.

6. Paper Lanterns

Source: popsugar.com

Well, this method is great to enhance the texture and atmosphere of the wedding event. You can bring in biodegradable lanterns and you can place lights inside them and you can then hang them to any wire which will give them a classy look. Moreover, you can add a different colour of lights for this which will enhance the effect.

7. Projector

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Well, if you want to do something more unique, you can bring a project and create a special design on the wall. Moreover, you can even start a changing and live effect to give the wedding a special look.

8. Outdoor

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If you are tired of string, strip or other such lights, then you can go for the outdoor function in which you can even decorate different things and glow them up and it will change the whole area. Moreover, take a look at your venue and think about places that will be difficult to walk through after dark, or areas you want to highlight, like the dance floor, sweetheart table, and even the bathrooms.

9. Marquee Signs

Source: offbeatbride.com

Well, who would not want to feel like a celebrity? You can place the name of the bride and groom in different colours of light or you can even surround their name in different colours.

10. Glowing Furniture

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You can even surprise the guests by hanging or attaching lights to the body of furniture and glow everything around it.

11. Lanterns

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Candles might look perfect but the winds will blow them. This is why lanterns would be the perfect option for such an event and you can place as many lanterns as you can around every corner apart from the other lights. You can also use different colour of lanterns.

12. Glowing Trees

Source: blog.wedpics.com

If there is a tree around you, and to enhance the look of the area, add some candles lights to strip lights to the branches of that tree and your work is done.

13. Statement Chandeliers

Source: thespruce.com

Like the paper lanterns, flip things around by taking the indoors outside. Hang palace-worthy chandeliers to keep the bridal table illuminated, or check out these impressive plant chandeliers.

14. Light-up Dance Floor

Source: leddancefloors.co.uk

You can give your guests an extra feel and look of the venue by adding a dance floor and you can then add different lights. Moreover, you can even add strip lights to the whole structure of the dance floor. So whichever look you go for, remember lights play a big role in setting the mood.

You don’t have to work with a professional lighting designer to know that. And surely not everybody has that much budget to spend! That’s why in this article we wanted to give you plenty of information on outdoor festoon lights and similar options.