9 Benefits of Using Neon Signage in Weddings

Wedding is one of the most important events in the life of every person. In addition to organizing the ceremony itself, looking for a wedding dress and suit, choosing rings, looking for the perfect location for the celebration, what plays a very important role is the decoration of the space.

While some love luxury and glamor, others prefer a more modest, but equally beautiful and effective decoration. In addition to flowers and candles, which are almost indispensable in the decor, we have been seeing neon signs more and more often lately.

Neon signs were very popular in the 80s, and now they are making a comeback at the big door. For many, the first association when they hear about neon signs is a bar or casino, but in fact, they are increasingly seen at weddings and similar celebrations.

In this article, we will bring you many benefits of using neon signs at a wedding.

1. You can personalize it

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Best of all, this inscription can carry a message that means a lot to you. So, in addition to standard labels like Happiness, Forever Together, You and I, you can also come up with a funny or romantic slogan that is known only to you and your partner. You can visit this site to learn more about it.

2. Dimmed lights

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The wedding should create an intimate, pleasant, and relaxed atmosphere, where everyone will feel comfortable. Lighting plays a big part in that. As the night progresses and the guests relax, the guests relax, the dance floor becomes full.

Dancing in an overlit room will kill romance, but if the lights go out and only the neon sign that wrote the symbolic message or the names of the newlyweds stays on, it will be perfect for opening a dance night!

3. The perfect place for the photo shooting

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Even though you probably hired a professional photographer, there are still many who take selfies with their phone all night long. Guess what, painting with this sign in the background is a complete hit and we believe that all guests will notice it! After all, let’s break down stereotypes and take photos in common places.

4. You can also use it after the wedding

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Most of the decorations will only be used during the celebration – the flowers will soon wither, the candles will burn, the tablecloths will stain, and the champagne glasses you ordered especially for this occasion will be carved (at least some of them). Still, what you have left is a neon sign that is still usable. Given that these inscriptions have become a must-have in interior design, we believe that they will easily find the perfect place in any home, in any room.

5. Indicate the direction with a sign

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In addition to the message, the sign is a great detail with which you can direct your guests to interesting corners. Illuminated signs this season will replace attractive wooden forms, so terms like ‘Welcome’, ‘Let’s dance’ or ‘Meet us at the bar’ give direction to guests where part of the planned party is the wedding itself.

6. It does not produce heat

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We know that light bulbs heat up while they are on, and thus raise the temperature in the room. With neon signs, you don’t have to worry about that, because today they are made of LED lights.

7. Why is LED lighting more expensive than classic lighting?

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LED light sources are made of electronic elements that are electroluminescent they convert electricity directly into the light and represent a relatively new technology that it is advancing rapidly in terms of performance, while prices are constantly falling. The best comparison would be was with desktop computers which at the beginning of application were very inefficient and expensive while today very fast and accessible to everyone.

8. What is the lifespan of this type of lighting?

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The service life of neon signs can reach up to 100,000 hours, depending on the quality of the manufacturer, which costs maintenance is reduced to almost zero. LEDs are solid-state devices (SSL-Solid State Device) and they will not burn out, but the intensity of the emitted light will gradually decrease until it becomes invisible to the human eye.

9. Advantages and disadvantages of neon light

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In addition to a long lifespan, neon lights are also characterized by low electricity consumption. According to some estimates, these lights are thought to consume up to 50% less electricity than traditional light sources.

In addition, they are very easy to install on any surface. Neon has a special glow, and the light it produces does not give contrasting shades and you can find it in all the desired colors, and even shades. But if we’re talking about gas-filled neon lights, we have to point out that there are certain downsides as well.

Since they are filled with gas, careful handling is required during installation, especially due to the fragility of the lamps. You should also know that this type of lighting is never enough for the usual lighting of the room, and should not be considered as the main source of light.

Final thoughts

Neon inscription as a decoration of the space is a great and bold idea, and if it is still too much for you, we suggest at least photos and posters with them as motifs.

Treat the neon sign as a work of art. Position it on the wall so that it is the central and only piece on that wall or let it be part of the gallery on the wall.

Choose smaller labels because large ones could be too much for one room of average size. Pay attention to the intensity of the light, as well as another lighting in the room. If you already have a large floor lamp or statement chandelier in the living room, a neon sign may not be the right choice.