Classic Wedding Vows With A Modern Twist – Til Death Led Neon Sign

Wedding season is coming! If regular lighting décor is too mundane for you, it’s time you glam up your wedding with glowing neon sign.

Incorporate a classic wedding vow, like Til death do us part into your wedding décor to bless your wedding, and future life together. It’s a wish upon a lifelong bond that only death can separate you two.

If you plan a traditional-mix-modern wedding, this Til death wedding neon sign is definitely that lighting décor you’ve been looking for. Neon sign wedding quotes like this one are a useful accent décor that’s also symbolic and meaningful. You get to add meaning to your big day in a very eye-catching and elegant way.

This sign is made from robust quality, clear acrylic backboard, together with LED neon strips mounted on the board. These strips are secured and covered by protective polymer which not only acts as eye protector, but also allows lights to shine through brighter and more beautifully.

As Til death wedding neon sign is a versatile decor, you can hang this everywhere that feels right to you. But don’t worry, we have some amazing tips for you. Neon sign looks best when you hang this in the wedding photo backdrop, metal wedding mesh and reception table to add accent and blessings to the ceremony.  It comes in 5+ sizes between 50 and 150 cm in width and available in 9 stunning color options.

Neon signs are the whole package. Plus, it costs so much less than other lighting décor, and also lasts longer. No wonder why they appeal to a majority of soon-to-be-married couples and wedding planners. Make sure you measure your space, and get the correct dimensions so that Zanvis Neon can handcraft the most perfect sign for your event, and send it to your door. Get your hands first on this gorgeous sign to brighten up your day! Browse through our best wedding neon signs to see how our couples incorporated Til Death neon light into their wedding venue’s décor!

Gorgeous Til Death neon signs on the entrance


Create an attention-grabbing display right at the entrance to WOW your guests as well as lighten up the day by neon signs! With the classic vow Til death mounted on the sign, the entrance will be added personality as well as depths.

Hanging this on the entrance would be a brilliant way to decorate your space, and of course impress your guests. Also, weddings’ directions can be confusing, so let this be a guide to your wedding ceremony.

Show your guests that you take the vows seriously by hanging this on the entrance. It’s such a colorful to light up your wedding in the most unexpected way. This new addition is not only vibrant and playful, but also functional. Let Til Death neon sign add a festive mood with a purpose to your wedding entrance now!

Beautiful backdrop for snap-worthy photos


Add a splash of color to your photo backdrop and  glam up those wedding photos by Til Death neon sign in the background. Whatever the wedding theme you plan, be it gothic, vintage, or garden, neon signs always make epic additions to the backdrop. Check out for more below!

This couple had a Halloween-inspired wedding ceremony. So they decided to customize a red Til Death neon sign, and hang this on the piece of brick walls. This decor creates a striking contrast in the decor scheme as well as add a whimsical touch to your already unusual décor.

Look at how this Til Death wedding neon sign lights up the entire Gothic black backdrop in a beautiful way. Neon light and Gothic wedding theme are like two companions, one cannot go without the other. And the candlelit additions on the side make the scene 100x more appealing. It’s basically like a scene straight out of a movie. If you’re planned to throw a Gothic-themed party, do consider this one as accent decor for the event.

Yes, the candlelit lighting again, but this time, red is added to the scene. Red of the table coverings, the outfit, and of course the red roses. All lit up beautifully under the golden yellow light. Such a scene to die for. If this décor suits your taste, and flatters your eyes, why not get your hands on this Til Death wedding neon sign for your own wedding!

This is another majestic backdrop that couples and wedding planners have been eyeing. The big flower bouquets add softness and chicness to the wedding, while the candles underneath symbolize love, passion and warmth, all essential elements in romantic relationships. And the final factor, neon sign, just complements and highlights the whole scene altogether. Look for a decor that fits other items, and light up (preferably for evening ceremony) ? Til Death wedding neon sign is the answer.

Brighten up the wedding arch

Add a modern twist to the classical metal, and wooden arch by bright blowing Til Death neon sign. Just the thought of standing in front of phenomenal wedding arch already melted my heart. Besides, it’s symbolic. It marks the window into a new chapter of your life – a chapter filled with love, compassion, understanding and sharing. Whether it’s a greenery walls, metal arch, wooden arch or mesh metal, Til Death neon light will never fail to impress you.

Lighten up the reception table


The reception table where the groom and bride are sitting is an area that is often overlooked. It’s high time you give it the significance and priority it deserves. Let draw all eyes to this seating area of the main characters, and bring everything to life even during mealtime. Til death neon sign will make amazing impact by adding romantic touch as well as highlighting everything in the moment. Let’s scroll down to see how real couples incorporated this light into their reception table decor.

Til Death neon signs make impressive additions to your big day. Let now be the moment to try new things, suspend the disbelief, and embark on the new adventure together with the person you’ve chosen. And let neon light shine the day and make it extra meaningful!