Things You Need to Make Your Wedding Special

When you are planning your wedding it is important to keep track of all the little bits and pieces you can add to a wedding. Even the most experienced wedding planners can forget a few items just a day before the wedding when it is probably too late to do anything. While keeping that in mind, here are some of the best things you can do for your wedding to make it special

Bridal veil or hair accessory

If you skip out on choosing the right veil for your wedding, you will probably regret it later and kept going back to how you could’ve done it better. We suggest that you choose your hair accessory or bridal veil weeks or even months before the actual wedding day, so you can be a hundred percent sure about it.

Before buying, try out the veil a couple of times while trying out your wedding dress, take some pictures while wearing your gown, and get a feel of how it looks with your hair. By doing this you will finally be sure which hair accessory or veil is the right one for you, giving yourself enough time to think about whether you want a different one.

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Just like the hair accessories and bridal veil need to be picked long before the wedding day, so does the bridal jewelry. Understanding what type of jewelry goes best with your wedding dress is very important. While some gowns that have a high neckline (collarbone height) you might only get yourself chandelier earrings, while lower neckline dresses may require a chunky necklace.

So, make sure you do your homework before you decide on the final combination.

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The welcome sign

You may think that the welcome sign isn’t such a big part of the wedding day, but it is the first impression you leave for your guests. When guests arrive, the first thing they see before the ceremony is the sign that is welcoming them inside. If you want to add some special spice to your wedding, you could get a wedding neon sign to impress your guests.

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Emergency kit

A bridal emergency may not seem like one of the most important things you need to have in mind. However, it is an important safety precaution in case something unplanned happens on an important day.

For example, the bride veil manages to tear, you just ate and you need to brush your teeth right before the photo session with the guests, or perhaps your wedding dress is making you sweat too much and want to add some extra deodorant.

A bridal emergency kit is made exactly for those moments.


Wedding direction signs

If you want to impress your guest and make your wedding day a tiny bit more special and interesting, you can make a few wedding direction signs. You can use real oak wood for the signs and then clear white colors to write directions such as parking direction, reception direction, restroom signs or the direction of the ceremony.