Is an A-Line Wedding Dress for You?

Your day of the marriage is one of the most important days of your life. A very special moment that will live in your memories forever. And one of the most exciting things you do for that special day is choose your wedding dress.

You spend days, weeks and even months looking for that one special attire that will make you shine on your most important day in the life. There are many styles of wedding dresses available at from which to choose and one of the most popular is the A-line one. The question is – is this style for you?


What is an A-Line Wedding Dress?

It is the silhouette of the skirt that characterizes the A-line outfit. The skirt of the attire is fitted at your top, hips and natural waistline, and then it gradually flares out to the hem.

This attire highlights the bust and slims down the waist and hips.

A versatile gown, an A-line wedding dress can have any kind of neckline and you can use almost any kind of fabric to make that that attire. You can also add as big or small a train as you like to such wedding gowns.

For What Type of Wedding is This Gown Appropriate?

That’s the beauty of A-line wedding dresses. They are so versatile that you can wear in for any type of marriage ceremony, be it an intimate beach one or a grand cathedral ceremony.

What Types of Shoes Can You Wear with A-Line Wedding Dresses?

Another big plus for this sort of attire! You can wear any type of shoes with this gown. Since the full skirt means that your shoes will be mostly hidden, you don’t have to wear those gorgeous but agonisingly painful stilettos. You can wear more comfortable shoes under your gown so that you can enjoy your special day without having to worry about sore feet.

What Body Type is Best Suited for A-Line Wedding Dresses?

There is a reason why the A-line is so popular – it flatters almost every single body type!

If you are petite, this attire will give the illusion of height. If you are slender, the soft fall of the outfit will give you gentle curves. If you are rounded, the cut of the A-line dress will give you a slimmer look. And if you are really curvy, this outfit will flatter your figure while giving you a slenderer appearance. This style of wedding dress is especially great for those of you with pear-shaped bodies.

However, if you are on the bustier side, you may want to play with the neckline, since the design of A-line wedding dresses is to focus on the bust. So, you can play with boat necks, Bardot necks, low V-necks, halter necks, scoop necks, and jewel necks to reduce the emphasis on your bust.

If you are small-busted and want to highlight your bust, then you can use strapless dresses, or Queen Anne, plunging, off-shoulder, notch necks, cross-overs, crewnecks, cowl necks, asymmetrical necks, square necklines.

If you are worried that this romantic silhouette may cut you in half at the waist and make you look even shorter, then you can add some design or work that extends beyond the waistline to the skirt. This will increase the illusion of height for you.

Source: Lixnet

Which Fabric is the Best for an A-Line Wedding Gown?

This will depend on your body type. If you are on the curvier side, then structured materials such as taffeta, guipure lace or even silk shantung will work better for you. If, on the other hand, you are on the slender side, then you can opt for the floatier silks and chiffons to give you a curvier look.