What Are the Mistakes That You Can Make When Planning Your Wedding Day?

Most of the people who got married have no regrets about the way they planned their wedding, but according to some wedding planners, some of them out there wish they could have changed few things and did something different. Let’s take a look at some mistakes they made that they regretted.


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Tradition is a big thing when it comes to a wedding, and some o the biggest mistakes is that you include tradition based on just solely that. You should stop and think whether you really want to include some customs to your wedding ceremony. You should feel comfortable on the biggest day o your lie, so think really hard on what you actually want.

Master of ceremonies

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You should also consider who should your master of ceremonies be, and when you decide for one, make sure that the master knows everything you want in a wedding. Most of them are traditional, so be careful if you are not into tradition that much.

Party on the second day

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Some of the newlyweds with they didn’t throw a party after the wedding day. They said that they were exhausted from the actual wedding and that they just wanted to rest and relax, which was not possible because they decided to have a party. Those parties aren’t as good as you might think, so you should really opt for something more o a celebratory lunch, or just skip gatherings the next day at any cost.


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When you go or a ceremony that is in an open public space, many of the strangers can crash and ruin your days, since they are allowed to wander around public spaces. Go for a more of a private place, just to make sure no one who you haven’t invited will crash your wedding, and make your guests and yourself feel uncomfortable.


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Speeches should not take a long time, as people are there to have fun and celebrate the new life that the bride and groom just started. Make sure people say a word or two and make it too long, as we all know that uncles can talk or a really long time, especially with a microphone in their hands.

Wedding planner

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Planning a wedding by yourself is a really difficult task, and many of the newlyweds regretted that they haven’t employed a wedding planner. That way your hands and mind are free, and yours is just to show up on your wedding day, with the knowledge that everything will go smoothly.


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It is always a good option to hire a videographer, as that wedding day will last forever when you have it. You can relive it every single day if you want, and you can share with your kids that special day when their parents got married.


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Too much alcohol is always a bad thing, especially on a wedding day, with all of your friends and family there. Make sure you know what type of alcohol will be served, as it takes just one drunk guest to spoil the party or everyone.


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Many know how tiresome it is when there are one too many children wandering around your wedding ceremony. Most of the kids get bored and they start to moan and complain, and the wedding is over. If you know that children are coming, you should book some entertainment for them.


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When you organize everything by yourself, it can be very stressful, so having a wedding planner is a great thing to have. You can talk to her or him about the things you want and the two of you can share the stress of planning a wedding together.


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An outdoor wedding should be planned to be on the day that you certainly know it would be a perfect day. Rain, wind and even insects can ruin your party, so make sure you know everything there is to know if you want an outdoor wedding party.

No honeymoon

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Some couples regret that they didn’t have a honeymoon. They said how stressful the whole event was, and that they needed a couple of days to relax, so make sure to definitely have at least some small honeymoon just to chill from all that wedding haste.

No wedding

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Some didn’t even have a wedding party, and now they regret it. Wedding ceremonies make you the main event, and everything revolves around you. If you don’t want to spend that much money, remember that you can plan your wedding in whatever fashion you want, and a wedding party doesn’t have to be all that lavish and glamorous as some make it.