15 Best Bridal Hair Accessory Trends for 2024

Have trouble to find a perfect hairstyle for your wedding? Don’t worry, here are some current and sparkling ideas for your bridal look that you are going to love!

Need inspiration?

Weddings are beautiful, and brides are always in the core of the event. Still, it is not easy to prepare for a wedding day if you want to look stunning and innovative. When it comes to their hair, all brides want to have a flawless hairstyle that blends with her wedding gown and general appearance.

In case you prefer a princess look or have a princess wedding theme, you must add a tiara to your hair accessories. It will give a final touch to your princess look, and we believe you will feel like one on your wedding day.

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When is the best time to start thinking about your wedding hairstyle?

We recommend you to start thinking about hairstyles from the very start of your wedding planning, though, you don’t have to buy the accessories right away. It is better to buy a wedding dress, and the hair can be last (but not least) on your wedding to-do list.

How to choose the most suitable hair accessories?

Although it sounds stressful and impossible to complete, there are ways to match your interest with the wedding dresses and accessories out there. luckily, you can leave hairstyle preparations for the end.  ou should start thinking about it, therefore, here are some of the wedding hairstyle ideas. we hope you will get inspired by our choice.Still you should start thinking about it, therefore, here are some of the wedding hairstyle ideas. we hope you will get inspired by our choice.

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Bridal headbands

What a wonderful way to combine classic and glamour – headbands!

You can wear it as a subtle version of the tiara in various scenarios, with the hair down or up and even with the classic braid.

There are a lot of different headbands, you can choose one in the colour of your hair so that it can give you a natural and yet special effect. contrary, if you want to feel like a princess you should go with the one that assembles with a pearl detailed tiara.

Also, we have noticed that side headbands are trendy these days so you should take a look at that too. It gives you a different look, a bit alternative and definitely will leave an impression.

Source: Cassandra Lynne

Bridal hair combs

Combs come in all shapes and sizes, and you can choose which one you are going to use depending on your style. Moreover, a pair of side headbands can be more than a decorative piece of jewellery. It can decorate and hold the veil (in case you plan to have one) and can stay in your hair after you remove it.

combs go best with the long lifted hair, and it gives you a stylish and natural look.  It goes more with the subtle look and modern wedding dresses, so if you are looking for something more extravagant you should try ones with more details.

Source: Jules Bridal Jewellery

Bridal hair vines

Vines are a combination of several combs and it usually goes either on each side of the head or on just one side. It gives you the look of an ancient goddess and it goes perfectly with the bridal braid hairstyle.

if you are more into the natural or boho bridal style, then you should choose vines with the flower patterns and shapes. it can match your bridal natural look expectations.

Source: SouthBound Bride

Bridal tiaras

Tiaras are for everyone, no matter if you want to have a fairytale wedding ceremony or simple vintage style – bridal tiaras come in various scenarios.

It can be extremely helpful when wearing a veil, and it gives you sensational bridal look the moment you put it on. Moreover, if you want to have a real life fairytale wedding – tiara is a must-have accessory.

Source: Olivia Headpieces

Bridal headpieces

Headpieces are a combination of crowns and hair combs. We can observe it as a simple version of the tiara, and normally, it looks the best when its placed on the side and when hair is lifted.

Source: Miss Clemmie

Bridal hairpins

Hairpins go along with the retro or classic wedding dresses. Bridal hair pins have the best effect when are on the back side of the head, preferably with a lower bun in combination with braids.

Additionally, if you are a fan of bridal hairpins and you want a bit sensational look, there are some hairpins with shiny details. Besides, hairpins are one of the most affordable bridal hair accessories which are useful if you plan to have a small and budget-friendly wedding.

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Bridal hair slides

While we are at the modest and natural looking brides, here is one more hair item that fit perfectly into these categories. Bridal hair slides are number one detail that you need to have if you plan to release your hair on your wedding day but you still want to keep bridal touch. If you want to be glamorous but simple, you can make waves and have your hair down but placed on one side of the head.

You are going to look like retro Hollywood stars and hair slides will stand out!

Source: Grace Loves Lace

Wedding veil

If you are a fan of real-life princesses you can find inspiration in royal weddings, and choose a long veil, preferably of lace, which can look simple and glamorous at the same time.

For those who think it is an old way of doing things,  it can be a pretty and simple way to balance tradition and modernity. There are plenty of new and modern stylish vails out there that might change your perception about wedding veils.

After all, from Grace Kelly to Kate Middleton, vails is a must have wedding accessory.

Source: DHgate

Vintage hair accessories

Speaking of old ways and simple ideas, for all vintage girls out there – you can be a fashionable bride and still keep your unique style.

The 20s looking headbands and hair slides are perfect items for a Great Gatsby themed wedding. If you want to look even more daring, try to add some feathers on that.

Nevertheless,  if a 20s look is not your thing, you can always go with Juliet cap veils or brooch bouquets to add retro vibes to your ceremony.

Source: Weddbook

Floral hair accessories

If you want to have a summer floral wedding in hippie or boho style, floral accessories are a must for this year. The most classic one is the bridal floral crown and it always looks perfect, no matter the hairstyle, yet, it goes best with the hair down because of the natural look that released hair is providing.

Besides floral crown, there are many ways how you can combine natural and stylish look. For instance, you can have simple braids or combination of braids and hair down with flowers instead of hairpins and if you want to be more charming.

Source: K&B Bridals

What about bridesmaids?

Most of the brides choose matching accessories with their bridesmaids and that is quite understandable, still, there are some creative ways how your bridesmaids (in case you will have them) can differentiate from you and still keep the balance with the whole bridal look.

You can search for the hair accessories with your bridesmaids, its easier for you and it can be a perfect occasion for spending time together with your girlfriends.

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Bohemian vibes

We know that hippie and floral trends are back on the menu, and it is clear now that some things never get old.  Floral patterns are an absolute trend that associates us with the summer of love. it Is the same thing with this year, and we can see already that sixties vibes are present. If you are a fan of hippie fashion or maybe plan to have a beach wedding – this style is for you!

Source: DHgate.com

Vintage glamour

As it is well said, old but gold, the vintage bridal accessories keep appearing everywhere and demand for them grows year by year.

For all of the short haired brides out there, try feathers, dare to be different and you will look absolutely astonishing on your wedding day. But, if feathers are too much for you, go with the classic look – add side headpieces with pearl details and you are done!

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Crowning glory

This year and evermore tiaras are a number one bridal accessories. Hence, if you have dreamed about your perfect Cinderella wedding, a tiara is an inseparable part of your wedding planning.

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Vailed beauty

Finally, some things never change and vails are one of them. always classy and present, vails are an integral part of a bridal look, especially when it enters the room and walks down the aisle, it just doesn’t seem right without the vail. If you are still suspicious about it, there are numerous varieties of bridal veils and we trust you in choosing the best one!