Men Fashion – Wedding Suits 2024

Groom is just as important as a bride, and therefore, he should also look his best on that big day. While the bride chooses her accessories to match her wedding dress, the groom is all about a perfect suit. Let’s take a look at what is trendy for men’s fashion in 2024 when it comes to a wedding.



A tailcoat is the upper part of the suit, more accurately a jacket, and what is distinctive about it is that it pointed at the back, or in other words, it has a tail. That I why, it is called a tailcoat. It also has that sophisticated English collar, and that is what makes your overall look very classy. You can wear some plain white shirt underneath, and decorate your look with a bowtie, or even a scarf, to make you look more unique.



Two-button or a double-breasted model of suits is intended for men who are not as tall. It will slim your appearance, and that will provide that tallish look. The suit has two rows of buttons, and at the back is a tiny slit that helps you move around without any difficulty. Double-breasted suits are modern, and it will make you look young and hip.


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Layered suits caught our attention as we seen many men wear this type of wedding suits for their wedding day. The only thing you should pay attention to is that you do not place your vest underneath your belt.


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Since 2019 is not over yet, there is still time to look trendy and fashionable if your wedding day should take place later this year. Printed suits are still fashion, and in this 2019 printed suits with a cropped jacket and slim pants are the way to do it. Your pants can be without any prints, and the coat can have some embellishment, or the jacket itself can be with some unusual pattern. Checkered is the most popular when it comes to this type of wedding suit.


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We talked about jackets so far, now let’s see what the bottom part has to offer in this year. Striped pants are this year’s trend. More accurately, satin stripes in trousers, and you can even find something that will go perfectly with your bride’s wedding gown.


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Have you seen any of the British royal family weddings? Have you noticed that the man who is about to get married is wearing his military outfit as his wedding suit? Well, that has finally become a trend in this year, and you can wear your military outfit as your wedding suit, and be proud of who you were, who you are and who you will be on that most prominent day of your life.


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Just like in bridal fashion, men’s wedding fashion also got some vintage styles in it. If your bride wants to be dressed in some vintage styled wedding gown, you can match her look by wearing some fabric or print that resembles those good old days. Silk lining on the suit and some decoration on the neckband or cuffs are the perfect solution to that retro look. Velvet suits are also amazing, especially if you and your beloved one decided to throw a themed wedding.



Fitted suits may not be the best thing to wear at your official wedding ceremony, but you can definitely go for them for the reception part, or some even happening before the actual wedding. Slim suits will make you look fit, and it will put an accent to your body.


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Velvet and velour are popular this year when it comes to choosing a fabric for your wedding suit. Colors like burgundy, green, and even blue are a fantastic choice that perfectly complements velvet and velour fabric.


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Bright colors have become very fashionable during this last couple of years, and in men’s wedding, fashion for 2019 the perfect colors to wear are yellow, blue, and emerald shades. Marsala is extremely popular in 2019, as are olive and violet.

Color inserts

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Mixing colors can either go wrong or right, there is no middle in it, so you should be careful when it comes t choosing the perfect color combination for your wedding suit. Blazers with unusual cuts and patchwork should also be tended with care, but you should know that once you find the perfect cut, you will look distinctive and amazing in it. Joining dark and light colors are also a big hit this year.


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Texture wedding suits are major this year. Ombre effects, floral texture, and other extravagant construction are suitable for those unique kinds of weddings that are not considered traditional.


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Shoes are, of course, an essential part of your wedding style. Unlike the bride, yours can be seen, and that can either ruin your look or make it even better. Accessories are also important this year, and things like boutonniere can make you look elegant and unique. Hats, suspenders shawls, and scarfs are also a thing that can be worn during 2024, as they all make you look distinctive and elegant.