Best wedding dresses for 2024

2020 is coming soon, and we had the fortune to see what have designers from all around the world prepared for us for this upcoming year in bridal fashion. There are still those traditional and conventional wedding dresses, but there is some wedding attire that will blow your mind. Let’s take a look at the best wedding dresses for this upcoming 2024 year.


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Bare shoulders are still dominant, ever since Meghan Markle stepped on the scene with her Givenchy wedding gown. Just that simple moment of bare shoulders bring elegance to your overall bridal look.


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If you are not that traditional and conventional bride, then pants are designed for you. Jumpsuits and pants are a big trend in 2024 bridal fashion, and attire like a jumpsuit with a big V neckline will make you stand out while still looking sophisticated on your wedding day. You can always go for a classic wedding gown for your official wedding ceremony, and wear a jumpsuit or pants at the reception.

Crop top

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Wearing a separate top and skirt is still a thing, and in 2024 it’s very trendy. You can mix and match your upper part to your bottom, and get the perfect style you always wanted.


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The plunging neckline was always for those more daring brides, but during this couple of years, it has become more of a regular thing, and anyone can wear it. And in 2024, the neckline can go all the way down to the waist, and if the design is perfect, it won’t make you look cheap, on the contrary. You will look lavish, luxurious, and elegant.


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Simple, minimalistic dresses were always popular, and they still are. If you don’t like various embellishments and prints on your wedding dress, there is a variety of simple white dresses that will still make you look classy. The fabric is essential if you go for a minimalistic dress, you choose carefully.


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Short wedding dresses were considered for more of an after-party thing, rather than the actual wedding ceremony. But in 2024 short wedding dresses aren’t as cast aside as they used to be. If you still aren’t sure about wearing a short wedding dress, you can still wear it at your reception, or some other wedding-related event.


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A white traditional wedding gown has only recently got a competition. Light colors like champagne, ivory, and even bright pink have picked up the pace and have become very trendy. In 2024 lavender is very stylish, and you can also match your wedding outfit with wedding table decorations, amongst others.



We mentioned how colors are knocking on our doors, and ombre style still hasn’t gone out of fashion. In 2024 bridal collection you can see various forms of ombre dresses, and we have to say that they look unique and flawless and if you have planned a wedding theme, then this is definitely what you should take into consideration. Pastel colors are the best thing.


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Who would have thought that feathers would become fashionable in the bridal collection? In 2024 feathers amaze, and if perfectly placed on the wedding gown, you can have a fantastic look that will make you look chic, elegant and unique. If you don’t want it on your wedding dress, there is plenty of feathers on the accessories, like headbands and earrings.


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Bows make you look playful and chic, and everything depends on the place you have it. In 2024 bows can be found not only at the back but also at the front of the dress, on the waist or even on the hem of the dress.


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Veils go in and out of style, and in 2024 they are back. When it comes to veils, if you decide to wear it, you should pay attention to various details and how you want to decorate it, because one too many pearls can ruin your entire look.

Guipure and lace

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Lace can create a very romantic and sensual look, and when correctly placed, it gives you that sophisticated and elegant vibe that you wanted to have and feel on your wedding day.

Guipure is a heavy lace that consists of embellished motifs that are joined by big stitches. Guipure is maybe more elegant than the actual lace, and we suggest you try and go for it to decorate your wedding dress.