Wedding DJ or Live Band: Which One Is Right for Your Big Event?

Music, the “heart and soul” of the reception, may either set the mood or completely derail the festivities. Is it your big day, and you’re not too sure who to book and what to go for?

It’s essential to hire a professional band or DJ (or both!), to light up the venue.

Where, exactly, do you look for the information you require?

To begin, it’s helpful to ask yourself some basic questions about the event’s circumstances, such as the type of entertainment that would best suit your tastes, budget, space limitations, guest demographics, and guests’ ability to dance. Here is how you can determine what is better for you.

Top 5 important things to consider

1. Consider your budget


Although bands might be pricey for some people, with them, you actually get what you pay for.

It’s simple to find a band to perform all night for low pricing, but the music will sound like a garage band.

You can hire musicians who have received conservatory training if you’re ready to spend a little extra money. This is why a ton of people opt for DJs, you can’t go wrong with them due to their skill. Luckily for you, this wedding DJ in South Africa is not too pricey, yet can do great hits like no one else! Enjoy live mobile DJ mixing with a ton of variety and just know that you’re in hands of a professional who will bring the party to life. Price-wise, have in mind that the final price point is spread out among all the members of the band, while the DJ only asks for his cut, which makes him a lot more affordable.

2. Listen to them live


Before making a decision, it’s ideal to see a DJ or band perform live so you can assess how they interact with the crowd, improvise, and dress. You can also check out if they fit your style and your dream wedding.

(Ask to watch a recorded live performance or go to a dress rehearsal; never show up at another couple’s wedding.)

If that isn’t an option, ask for a playlist and listen for songs you recognize and enjoy. Make sure the musicians you hear or see are the same ones who will play at your reception if a band offers you a link to a video or a song.

Additionally, request references from the band or DJ’s most recent wedding performances.

Think of your first dance song as a quiz.

Move on if the DJ doesn’t have it and isn’t prepared to get it, or if the band is hesitant to learn it. Always aim for someone who is willing to compromise.

3. Pros of a wedding band


A) They will fill the dance floor

A band’s infectious energy, whether from banging drums, funk bass, or superb vocals, will get even the most reticent guests on the dance floor. They will give the venue that ‘live’ aspect.

B) Great mashups

The only thing better than a live band performing a mashup is a live band performing the mashup.

Whether it’s a quick burst of your favorite 90s dance music or old Motown merged with the newest hip-hop sounds, a particular medley is always a nice surprise for your visitors.

C) Suitable for all guests

Those in attendance who opt out of the dancing will still enjoy the band’s performance and interactions with the audience.

Most wedding bands offer a wide variety of songs appropriate for guests of all ages, despite the fact that many of them specialize in playing only one style of music.

D) Bands can improvise

Experienced musicians can carry the music in any direction at any time, unrestricted by the boundaries of a record or setlist.

4. Pros of a DJ


A) Variety

It’s great to have a wide choice of music that guests of all ages may appreciate, from babies to seniors.

Thanks to mp3s and streaming services, a DJ can play any song imaginable at a party; just make sure there’s fast Wifi so that guests can make last-minute song requests.

B) Price point

As there is only one professional to pay for, the total cost of a wedding DJ is often lower than that of a wedding band.

Even some couples may prefer to employ wedding musicians earlier in the day using some of their entertainment funds.

C) Adaptable

A good DJ knows how to read the crowd and can make last-minute adjustments to the show.

When the crowd isn’t feeling the 90s house music, the DJ may easily freshen things up with some old-school disco or sneakily drop a floor filler at exactly the right time.

D) No gaps

An uninterrupted party mix that will keep your guests on their feet is ensured by a DJ’s ability to segue seamlessly from one song to the next. There are no gaps at any given point that may feel a bit awkward.

5. Your (& their) personality matters


Another crucial factor to think about is the possible amusement value.

You’re paying for more than just the music itself whether you hire a DJ or a live band, as was already discussed.

A strong leader can emcee the event and get everyone in the room up and moving.

This is an important consideration that could affect whether or not your guests are delighted.

When a band performs live, they are automatically considered entertainers, which makes it easier to interact with the audience.

However, a DJ’s personality could also be pretty captivating, so it’s crucial to see them in action before choosing one. Don’t rush the process, and take your time deciding.

So, are you ready to make a decision? As you can see, both options have their own set of pros & cons. Make sure that you take your time when deciding, and try discussing your options with your other half. You two will get to a mutual agreement in no time.