Music For Weddings: 10 Mistakes a DJ Should Never Make

Music is really important to create the right atmosphere on your wedding day.

It will always be present during your big day: from soft melodies to dance hits, each song plays a precise role to ensure the right mood. However, there are some crucial mistakes that absolutely must be avoided. That’s why we wanted to point out typical mistakes that inexperienced wedding DJs make.


Error number 1:

Don’t take into account the different ages of your guests

Among your guests will be grandparents and children, too.

Rock, rap with explicit lyrics and high beats-dance music are certainly not suitable for a family event.

If the bride and groom (and perhaps a group of friends) love this kind of music, the DJ should reserve it for the final stage of the party. In this way he can satisfy your desires, without compromising other more wedding party moments.

Error number 2:

Not adjusting the volumes

Each moment requires a suitable volume to ensure the right mood during the party.

Not too loud, during the aperitif and the dinner. The wedding DJ must always accompany these situations with the right volume, allowing guests to converse.

And then, when it’s time, cranking up the decibels to dance.

This needs a powerful and reliable audio system and a professional wedding DJ, so make sure you check out in case you need one.


Error number 3:

Play the same music all the time

The wedding party is full of romantic situations: love declarations, kisses, toasts and sentimental speeches should be underlined by songs that enhance this romantic atmosphere.

But the fun moments to unleash during the party should not be overlooked. An expert DJ should be able to move smoothly from the romantic moments to the wildest ones, also acting as an MC.

He should avoid going on with a musical genre until people get tired.

Are you sure that the wedding DJ you have hired is able to do it?

Error number 4:

Playing inappropriate or even offensive music

The lyrics of the songs are as important as any other detail on the big day. An inappropriate and vulgar text (perhaps “masked” by a sweet melody) during the party can be a cause of embarrassment.

Even more delicate is the choice of the music for the ceremony, where the selection must be made following precise rules.

This problem is especially relevant if you are organizing a destination wedding with a local DJ who is not a native speaker: make sure he knows the language well!


Error number 5:

Making room for silence

The music played by the DJ will be the soundtrack of the wedding and it will give an extra emotion to any situation during the whole day. Therefore, silence is not allowed.

The music must be present from the beginning to the end entertaining the guests while waiting for the bride and groom, highlighting every moment of the party until the last jump on the dance floor. Of course, following the entire party with the right music is not a business for amateurs, also because it requires professional equipment and multiple audio settings to use in the various areas of the location (indoor and outdoor), for complete musical coverage.

Error number 6:

To be late to set up the equipment

Haste makes waste! The DJ must be ready before the first guest arrives!

It is very important to leave in advance, considering both the travel time to reach the wedding venue and to set up. Set up all the equipment takes from one and half to three hours. It depends on how difficult is the load-in (elevators, stairs, loading docks, parking) and on the equipment provided for the specific event. Some weddings require three sound systems (for different rooms of the wedding venue) and refined up-lighting that take a long time to be set up!


Error number 7:

Not Having a Backup Plan

What options are available if the worst should happen?

Not having a backup plan can leave the bride and groom in a bad situation in the wedding day.

What if the DJ in charge get sick?

Moreover, even the best equipment can have a technical problem.

Having more collaborators available who can replace the sick DJ and have extra equipment to use in case of failure is the best solution.

Discussing about these scenarios will help the spouses to feel confident in their DJ choice.

Error number 8:

Do not discuss with the spouses about their musical preference

This is a big mistake that wedding DJs make too often.  Having an open conversation about what to include and leave out is an essential step in making sure the spouses and the DJ are on the same page. Having a detailed interview with the bride and the groom, can help also to select what songs the people want to dance during the party. It is important to take this step, in advance, to have the time to acquire additional songs and prepare the playlist for the event in a professional way.

Anyway, when someone at a wedding asks for a song, a professional DJ should be able to accommodate the request.


Error number 9:

To neglect information about the wedding venue

One of the more common error is to neglect aspects like how close the parking is or how difficult the load in will be.

Asking for information in advance will help to program and respect the schedule and to solve small inconveniences. Moreover, it’s important to contact in advance the wedding location to ask for information about volume restrictions (if any) and about any technical detail to set up the equipment.

Error number 10:

To underestimate errors 1 to 9

Especially experienced DJs tend to underestimate these tips. It is natural to feel confident in your abilities after years of experience. But the mistake is around the corner. Therefore, it is important, also for professional wedding DJ, to always keep these basic rules in mind.


A professional DJ should know that his mission is not to disappoint the bride and groom on their big day.