4 Types of Wedding Limos for Your Big Day

Are you planning for your wedding day? If you are, you would likely want to make everything perfect, from the dress to the flower arrangements and reception. But, of course, people have different preferences and customs when celebrating this special day. Yet, wedding transportation is something you should not forget on your list whether you want to go all out or modest.

Your vehicle will set the tone and create a mood of celebration. Since it’s one of the most significant days of your life, you certainly deserve a red-carpet-worthy entrance and a terrific exit. Arriving in a wedding limo can pull it all together with several benefits. While it may sound luxurious, a limousine will suit whatever kind of wedding you wish to have.

You have many options to choose from in this versatile transportation with amenities like an entertainment system, bars, enhanced lights, and an info system. Here are the four types of wedding limos you can check out for your big day.

1. Stretch Limousine

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Having everything perfect for a very special day is critical. And according to Wicked Limos, a stretch limousine is another perfect selection for any occasion, especially for your wedding day. It doesn’t only lend an air of elegance but also a celebratory quality. It can seat more than four passengers, arranged at the sides and rear depending on the interiors.

The seating arrangement may not matter that much if you and your groom get a separate vehicle for yourself. But if you want to be more practical, a vehicle with a larger capacity would be a great choice.

This type of limo provides ample privacy to the passengers, making it appropriate for special events like weddings. A window separates you from the chauffeur, which you can control by only pressing a button. In addition, it can be outfitted with dramatic lighting that will set the mood for your honeymoon vacation from the wedding ceremony.

2. SUV Limousine

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Do you like the idea of a destination wedding? If you want to tie the knot someplace memorable and away from home, an SUV limousine will be an excellent choice. It can accommodate a group of more than ten passengers with a spacious room for luggage. You can get to the destination with a more pleasurable ride in the comfort of a limousine.

It has a built-in bar where you can savor a glass of champagne and enjoy your favorite show. Like other types of limousines, this one also offers a variety of entertainment and comfort. You can be sure to have hassle-free travel when you ride in an SUV limo. Although it’s a luxury car, an SUV limousine is an affordable option to get to and from your reception.

3. Limousine Bus

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Also known as a party bus, this type of limousine is a great option if you wonder how to transport many guests from distant cities. With a capacity of 30 passengers or more, it’s spacious enough to carry your entire bridal party and some guests. This means you can leave and arrive at the same time so you can start the ceremony and reception with no delays.

If you’re planning to have an intimate wedding, you can have the reception right on a limo bus. Most limo buses provide fun amenities like dance floors, light shows, separate drinking areas, etc. There are also bathrooms and sofas to relax and have fun once you’re wedded.

4. Convertible Limousine

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A convertible limousine would offer a fanhttps://www.theknot.com/content/intimate-weddingstastic range of benefits that you can’t find in other limos. For example, a roof can be moved up by a remote system or button based on your needs, giving a fantastic experience to your wedding.

Are you looking to have a summer wedding? You can have the convertible open during the summer or warmer times, and the air is excellent. After the reception at night, a convertible limousine can give you the perfect view of the stars and city lights.

This type of limo can accommodate more than eight passengers. Besides the open roof surface, a convertible limo also has entertainment sections and amenities that you can relish to your wedding ceremony or reception.

Essential Points When Choosing Your Wedding Limo

A limousine is an incredible way to take your wedding celebration to the next level. However, choosing which one is perfect for you can be overwhelming with so many options out there.

To minimize the burdens and make the most out of your wedding transportation, here are a few essential points you can bear in mind when choosing your wedding limo:

Determine How Much You Can Afford

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Every limo service comes at different prices. Depending on the package and type of limousine you choose, you can expect to spend around $600 and $1,100 on limo services. Determine how much you can afford before you look around and ensure that your budget guides you at all times. Although a reasonable price is crucial, don’t compromise quality to save a few bucks.

Identify The Number of Passengers

The number of people you want to transport is also a critical factor. It will help you pick the type and size of limousine you should settle for. You can go for a smaller one if it’s just you and your groom. However, take note of your dress as well. Ensure that it can fit comfortably in the limo.

Prioritize Your Needs and Safety

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Your safety should be a priority when looking for a wedding limo. It’s best to see the vehicle in-person to know precisely what you’re getting. Make sure the company you choose employs only experienced and well-equipped drivers. Consider any extra services or requests you need for a safe and pleasurable limo ride.

Make Your Big Day Extra Special

Transportation can either make or break your wedding. A limousine isn’t only a mode of transport on your big day. Besides elegance, comfort, and style, it provides a unique experience that will make your wedding extra special. Plus, it gives you an additional benefit of having a range of lovely and camera-ready settings.