How to Use Neon Signs to Light Up Your Wedding Reception

Neon signs have profiled themselves as great detail in home decoration because they have several functions at the same time. They are a beautiful decoration of the space, they can serve as a motivational message or quote that will always cheer you up, and at the same time, they are a night light that gently illuminates the room when needed. In cafes and restaurants, on the other hand, they started using them as a detail to attract the Instagram generation and their captions reached a worldwide audience thanks to their visual effect and ingenuity.

When we hear about neon signs, we believe most think of the glitter of the metropolis. Would Las Vegas be what it is if it weren’t adorned with numerous neon signs? Would Wall Street be that popular? Some may think that neon signs are obsolete in the 80s, but we will assure you that this trend does not pass. On the contrary, their popularity is growing day by day. And why not when they are very practical and easily find a place in every interior and exterior – decoration in homes, cafes, and pubs, advertisements for pharmacies, bakeries, and other facilities. But what is especially interesting is that neon signs are becoming more and more sought after at weddings and similar celebrations. Why?

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The perfect place to take photos

Photography has never been so important and frequent fun as it is today. If you treat your guests to attractive scenery, be sure that the photos of your wedding will appear on Instagram under the wedding hashtag (you can use Wedding Hashers’ free hashtag generator to come up with cool wedding hashtags) that you and your loved ones have chosen. This is the perfect way to achieve the interior look you want. They are beautiful, modern lighting signs and you can create unique light art for your special day. Best of all, you can choose a ready-made sign, and you can also personalize it. You can visit this site to learn more about it.


If you have organized a wedding in an unusual place, you can use neon signs as a signpost. In addition to showing guests the way, it will illuminate it just as much as it should, enough, but to be romantic.

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Keep the style

Imagine the words ‘Love is all you need’ on the wall behind the main table! Quite enough letters, words that make sense and that convey what you feel. That is why it is important to choose a word, words or short verse that suits your love story but also the style of the wedding. Don’t overdo it and also know that a neon sign is not the best choice for a very classically decorated space. Choose an inscription that has a meaning and significance for you, but also an inscription that will clearly convey that message to your guests.

Why is lighting at weddings important?

Wedding lighting is definitely needed by the newlyweds to make the atmosphere at the wedding even better and to make the whole atmosphere perfect. In the past, no one gave too much importance to wedding lighting because it was more difficult to access, but also financially unattainable for most. But a few years back that trend changed greatly to the point that today it is almost unthinkable to have a wedding without professional wedding lighting and all the other effects that go along with it

The lighting of the dance floor is probably the most important issue when we talk about wedding lighting and we will now at least try to help you with that.

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Neon signs for evening mood

Although certain colors, styles, and combinations currently dominate in interior design and interior decoration, some details are timeless… at least at first, they seemed kitschy and excessive. A neon sign as a space decoration is a great and bold idea. Choose the ones with a message – either textual or symbolic (heart, peace sign, or bright red mouth are an eternal and tempting motif), and by placing them in a certain part of the space you give them additional context so that they will definitely act as an encrypted message.

Why do we like neon signs?

Neon signs inscriptions are always cool and effective. Best of all, you can be very creative with them, the sky is the limit. You can hang them at the entrance, a place intended for photography, behind the newlyweds’ table or outside, in the garden. In any case, everyone can find something to their liking, the color of the light, the font in which the text is written, and so on.

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Is it expensive?

The price of a neon sign depends on the dimensions, and often on the complexity of making. In principle, the price ranges from $ 200 to more. However, best of all, this sign is fully usable after the wedding – you can rent it and thus return the money invested or you can simply find a place in your home, so it will remind you every day of the most important day of your life.

Final thoughts

The wedding industry today is truly a huge business of countless little elements that all come together in your big day. You have the opportunity to choose the mentioned elements yourself – and while some are inevitable, such as location, dress, and guest food, others are not so necessary, but contribute to the overall impression of the wedding. And when it comes to these details, then all the big trends that revolve from season to season come to light, waiting for you to choose your favorite.


What is important to pay attention to is that neon lights must never get hot. If this happens, it means it is installed incorrectly. And finally, be creative, you can find many funny and romantic suggestions for the inscription on the Internet, and it is up to you to choose the right one. Make your wedding the most beautiful day for you and your guests, an event that will be long recounted. Create your own fairy tale and enjoy it. After all, it is your day!