Wedding Signage Tips And Ideas That Are Fun & Functional

The preparation for the wedding day is not an easy task since there are so many details to deal with. Since you want to make everything perfect, it is important to start planning on time. The decoration is very important part of this process. It will help you make your special day more unique and memorable. There are different things related to decoration, starting from the main hall, ceilings, flowers, balloons, and more.

Also, choosing the right wedding signage is very popular. You can use it as a welcome sign, instructions, seating plan, timeline, and more. If you want to check out some great Wedding Signage templates, visit TimberWink Studio.

There are many benefits if you choose this option. First of all, they are a great way to welcome people, and you can make it more personal by providing one with the name of each one of your guests. Also, it is a great way to express yourself, and show style, but also to be entertaining. Here are some tips and ideas that will help you choose signs that are fun and functional at the same time.


Great Way To Welcome Your Guests

This is an especially good idea for bigger cities and crowded places with a lot of restaurants and hotels. People who are arriving from some other place might find it difficult to find the place where you are setting the event. Therefore, it can be a great idea to install the sign in front of the main doors where you will provide some basic information that will help people know that it is the place.

An even better solution is to place it in the main hall. Therefore, when people arrive, this sign will be the first thing they will see. When it comes to the design, the best option is to follow the main theme of the wedding. For example, if there are a lot of details in gold, red, or some other color, you can use the same outline for this sign.

You Can Use It To Provide Some Instructions

First of all, this is a great way to deal with the lack of personnel at your wedding and still make it simple for the guests to get around. For example, you can provide details related to the seats. You can organize the tables with numbers, and then include the number of the table where the guest is sitting on the card that he will receive at the entrance. That will help the person that is welcoming the guests to arrange their seats much faster.

The additional details that you can add are related to the timeline of the event. For example, the most important part of the ceremony, is the official dance of the brooms, and the throwing of the bouquet, cutting the cake, and more. This can be especially helpful if there are separate rooms. It is not a rare case that the bar is separate from the main hall and the place where the event is set. Also, it will help some people with a tight schedule to know when they can leave.


Unique Way of Decoration

You can add a lot of signs all over the place to highlight your special day. This is one of the best ways to make it more unique. We already mentioned that you can add a sign at the front doors and in the main hall as a way of welcoming people. You can add more signs in the restaurant, bar, and on tables.

One of the best options is to create a personalized card for each of your guests. That card will be waiting on the determined seat. It can be entertaining if you add some funny quotes and details about your wedding. On the other side, you can add some instructions about cocktail time, lunchtime, dinner time, cake time, and more.

There are some other ways to make it even more interesting. It is a very popular idea to add some other details like adding a magnet to the card that your friends and family can take home and keep as a décor on the fridge, or a sticker that they can put wherever they want.

The most important part is to create the right outline and make something unique that will represent the highlight of the decoration. For example, your names with some interesting quote. You can put that sign on many other things besides cards. Some of the best ideas are to put the sign on balloons, windows, mirrors, and more.

Start Planning on Time

The best way to deal with this part of your wedding is to start on time and avoid being in a rush since that can only make you more frustrated. Therefore, explore different ideas and consult with those with more experience. You can find a lot of great ideas at businesses that are printing these signs. Also, the point is to choose something unique.

Therefore, if there is something interesting related to you and your partner, this can be a great way to include that in the card. There are many options available. You can choose something more elegant, but also more entertaining, which is especially a good idea if there will be kids on your wedding.

The goal is to create a special focus on you and your partner and design everything as a highlight for your special day. Using these signs is affordable, creative, and simple. Also, it will be a great way to communicate with your guests.


Last Words

It might not seem as a very important detail, but using these signs can help you improve the design, but also to communicate with people by providing them with the timeline of the event, help them find the right table much easier, and more.

In the end, this is a perfect option for adding more elegance. Even a simple sign in the main hall with some flowers and the announcement of your wedding can make a difference. You can add the same outline on menus, decorations, and many other details.