How Long Before The Wedding Should You Arrange Flowers?

Choosing the right decoration represents one of the most important things for a wedding day.  Therefore, it is crucial to make a good plan and research available options on time. While there are many types of decoration that you can easily buy in advance and keep for your special day, the situation with fresh ones is more challenging.

In that matter, it is essential to choose a good store where you can get fresh arrangement that will remain good all day long. On the other hand, if you are interested in an excellent collection of different types of artificial options for your wedding day, check out Nuptio.

When it comes to selection between fresh and artificial options, it all depends on your preferences. We all know that fresh is always a better choice because of the scent and appearance, but there are modern processes that allows producers to create artificial plants that looks the same as fresh ones.

Your choice is very important for determining a date for buying this type of decoration. As we already mentioned, things are much easier with synthetic, and pay attention to check some features of fresh ones if that is your main choice. In this article, we are going to analyze more about the best time for setting the arrangement for the wedding.

Find the Right Store


One of the first things that you should do is to research the market and check out the available options in your area. Be aware that distance can make a big difference. For example, you have found an excellent combination of fresh ones on some online store, but the waiting time is longer than one week. By making this choice, you are risking getting ones that are dried and that don’t even have the same appearance as seen on the website.

Therefore, always check the location and look for those stores that have a delivery service. That will provide you with the convenience and save you a lot of time since the seller can come at a determined location, and you could even hire them to arrange everything for you. The biggest advantage is that you will be provided with help of professionals.

Learn More About the Features

Another important thing to do is to check for how long can a certain type of plan survive in specific ambient. In most cases, you can expect that the decoration will remain fresh for around one week. However, keep in mind that you will have to face struggles with taking proper care of plants if you decide to buy them in advance. Consider your other responsibilities, and avoid this solution if you think that you won’t have enough time to water the plants and keep them in good condition.

The best solution you can make is to hire a professional who will make a delivery one day in advance or early in the morning of the wedding day and secure the best appearance and scent. This option might be more expensive, but you will save a lot of time and won’t need to worry about the decoration at all.

Start Planning on Time


The biggest mistake people are making is when they think that finding a proper fresh arrangement is quite simple and that you can easily visit the nearest store and pick up what you like. However, things can be more complicated because wedding arrangements require additional upgrades and a specific combination of decoration that might not be available in the store you have chosen. The best practice is to find the right source and make an agreement with them to set the collection so you can pick it up on the day of the wedding or a day earlier.

This will save you from stress as well. There will be many other things that you will need to take care of. Therefore, if you want to save some money and deal with the arrangement on your own, be sure to set a specific time and date when you can pick up the decoration.

Also, keep in mind that it requires some time before an expert can collect and arrange the specific combination of decoration you want for the wedding. In some cases, it might need more than two weeks or even a whole month for them to prepare the arrangement.

That is another reason to contact them at least two months before the wedding so you can find out more about the available types, price, delivery time, additional expenses, and other information. There is no need to rush as well. Always compare different options to find the best one for you.

Combine Different Solutions

As you can see, dealing with fresh plants is much more complicated. However, it can improve the ambient in a much better way than any other option. Still, there is no need to decorate each corner of the main hall and restaurant with fresh plants. Instead of that, a much better option is combine artificial plants with them.

That will help you to save money and time since you can buy them in advance and don’t have to worry about the appearance. The great thing is that you can find high-quality synthetic options where people won’t be able to recognize that it is artificial in the first place.


Last Words

Like with all other details related to the wedding, you can make mistakes only when you are rushing and don’t have a clear plan. When it comes to the arrangement of decoration, the key elements are to find the right store, choose whether you want a professional assistance, and determine the right time for a delivery.

In the end, we have to mention that even though a lot of fresh plants can last for more than a week, you should never get the fresh ones more than two days in advance so you can be sure that they will remain fresh during the whole day at the wedding.