Planning A Wedding Event? – Design Invitation Cards Yourself to Invite Your Loved Ones

When it comes to planning a wedding event, there are a lot of things to take care of. From setting up a theme that resonates with catering company, renting the space, and hiring the logistics team, everything demands ample effort, time, and thoughtfulness. The whole plan could be set up, but when it comes to execution, you may run out of time and need assistance. In this whole chaos, you might forget an essential element of the whole function that will bring all the family members, i.e., the invitation card.

When it comes to inviting your loved ones to a wedding function, you won’t be doing it on a call or WhatsApp message. You need to come up with enticing invitation cards that will catch their interest, and they won’t desire to miss out. Among all these preparations going on, you will hardly get some time to visit a professional designer and get the invitation cards ready. The best way to resolve this worry is by taking things into your own hands like all the other stuff. It’s your wedding function, and no designer will be able to curate an inspiring invitation card as you can. So, are you eager to learn how you can design invitation cards yourself to invite your loved ones? Let’s get started without any further ado!

Design Tips to Follow for Creating Invitations

Here are designing tips that can help you create invitations for your event.

1. Brainstorm Your Ideas


Before creating an invitation card for your wedding function, you need to first analyze the theme you can select for card and the things you want to add on your card. The special day on which you are looking forward to gathering your loved ones must stick in your mind while creating the invites. Whether it’s a birthday party, family dinner, Christmas get-together, Easter egg hunt, or any other family event, you should outline the visual theme of your invite based precisely on the kind of family function.

2. Write Engaging Content

After picking out the best ideas, work on the content that will grab the attention of recipients. Your invite will be incomplete without text on it; hence, you must create it wisely. You can write down several important things on the invitation card, such as the venue, things to follow, timing, RSVP, etc. Every textual information you’re planning to write down must be properly aligned as per the size of the invite. The text must not be too long that the receivers might avoid reading.

3. Resonate the Design with Your Function


Once the text is ready, now your task is to create a design that resonates with the nature of your function. The design elements include several things, including the background, stickers, shape, colour, and font style. Every element you choose while designing the invite must not contradict the function you’re organizing. Getting funky or being eye-pleasing is totally dependent upon your event. In short, you cannot stick with ordinary things if you want to make your family function look extraordinary.

4. Create Custom Invitations to Send Invites for Any Occasion

There is no need to hire a designer in order to create custom invites, as the availability of easy-to-use invitation maker apps and tools makes things quite simple and easy. You can easily download an invitation card maker free application and start designing invites for any occasion. The greeting card maker applications come with pre-made templates that are divided into multiple categories, such as birthday, anniversary, Christmas, thanksgiving, bachelor’s party, etc. You are given the freedom to select the template from your desired category and create custom invitations as per your preference. Once you have chosen an idea, you can follow the tips discussed above to make an inspiring and eye-catching invitation card.

5. No Need to Hire Professionals Anymore


The availability of greeting card maker facilities eliminates the need to hire professionals. If you take the assistance of a professional graphic designer to do this job on your behalf, it will take an ample amount of time. Moreover, they will charge a huge sum of money that can become a burden on your pocket. You can eliminate this hassle by accessing an invitation card maker free app on your device. This app will be readily available for your assistance round the clock, and you won’t have to visit a designer to get an invitation card ready for your family function. Click here to download a well-reputed invitation card maker application.

6. Things to Include in an Invitation Card

There are several things without which your invite would be incomplete. You must include these things while creating your invitation card, as it will positively impact your family function and make the recipients interested in attending it. Let’s start discussing them;

  • Event’s Name

What kind of family function are you organizing? The people you are sending invites to would be interested to know that first. Therefore, you must include the name of your event right at the top of the invitation card.

  • Theme

Is there a specific theme that guests must follow while attending your family function? If yes, then don’t forget to mention details about it prominently on your invite. It will allow the guests to come prepared and attend your party will full joy.

  • Date and Time


When are you organizing the family function? At what time do you expect to see the guests arriving? Answer these important questions on your invite by specifically mentioning the date and time of the event.

  • Location

Are you throwing the party at your house or in a specific café or restaurant? Make sure to highlight the right location on your invite, as it’s the most important part.

  • Contact Details

It’s essential to jot down the contact details on your invite so that the guests can RSVP. Your invitation card will be incomplete without it.

Final Words

While planning a wedding function, you’ll have to deal with several hectic things. In this nuisance, you shouldn’t worry about acquiring the services of a designer to get invitations ready. You can follow the tips given above and use an invitation maker facility to create invitation cards on your own and invite your loved ones to your special day.