9 Wedding Ideas We Love: Writing Letters to Guests 2024

Wedding day is a long-anticipated adventure for every couple, which is why they want to make it as memorable as possible. Every detail is essential in organizing this personal event. When the time comes to write an invitation letter, planners will face numerous challenges. Some like to dedicate hours, days, and even weeks to write, and others confine it to SMS or text in messengers.

If you want to create a unique and extraordinary card by yourself, you have to come up with an idea of what you will write to your guests. During the brainstorming process, if you are lacking ideas, you can visit a writing service to get wedding letter samples. Get acquainted with the feedback of those who have already used this help at the EssayShark review page. If you instead want to do something creative and not repeat others’ mistakes, we hope you will get inspired from the ideas we will share in the next list.

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Ideas of Wedding Invitation Letters

Before you start your celebration, you have to invite your friends and family members. The most charming way to do it is to send them special save-the-date letters. Let’s look at some invitations like these.

1. Printed Save-the-Date Cards

You can choose a traditional way to invite your friends and family. Create a DIY card with watercolors, crafted paper, and other helpful materials. Implement your fantasy into a creative idea for the card and envelope.

2. Video Invitation


This paperless type of invitation is eco-friendly and very original. Ask professionals to do illustrations and animate it or edit a brief composition of your photos and videos. You will feel like shooting stars!

3. Balloon Cards

If you want to amaze your guests with a joyful surprise, send them balloon cards. Your friends and family members will not know about the exact date of your wedding until they inflate their balloons.

4. Edible Invitation

Isn’t it a great idea to bake your own cookies with the custom stamp of your wedding date and drink tea with a personalized tea bag? You will not forget the original approach, taste, or date of the event.

Ideas of Thank-You Messages to Guests


After your guests come to your wedding, it is a great idea to express your gratitude to them. The best way is to show them your gratitude in seeing them through special thank-you messages.

1. Vintage Cards

One of the most gorgeous ways of saying thanks is vintage wedding cards with your wording. Don’t forget about adding a beautiful picture of both of you. This is an excellent way to show thank-you etiquette at your wedding party.

2. Signs

Wedding signs can play multiple functions, such as a welcome sign and a form of a letter to all guests. Let it be a laconic but no less touching option.

3. Personal Letters

You can make these handwritten notes personally for every guest at the wedding. If you and your significant other can dedicate a few hours or days for making these great DIY letters, this way of saying “thank you” will be unforgettable for every participant of your ceremony.

4. Escort Cards

You may think that escort cards are pretty much the same as personal letters. The difference is these small cards tell your guests where to find their tables and seats. To save time, you can ask to print cards in your own typography by bringing a template with your own design. As you can see in the photo references, the decoration options are endless.

5. Message on Plates

One more interesting way to express gratitude to your guests is to leave messages on their plates. You can make it with typed notes, handwritten messages, or welcome bags. No matter what message style you choose, it will look elegant and unusual.

If you are hesitating between options, don’t be upset! No matter what you choose, the main thing is to enjoy the process of creativity that will unite you as a couple even more.