10 Unusual Wedding Gifts 2024

If you were invited to a wedding, but the bride and groom did not prepare a wish list, you should consider an original, non-standard wedding gift for them. We do not consider toasters, mixers, crystal sets and other household items, which are likely to be gifted by many guests. We believe that a wedding gift should be unusual and inspirational, so these 10 ideas will help you make the right choice.

1. Smartwatches

Source: Business Insider

A smartwatch is not exactly what is associated with the concept of a “wedding present”. If the newlyweds adore all sorts of digital technologies but have not yet purchased these gadgets — do it for them. Buy stylish and multifunctional smartwatches for the bride and groom, and you don’t have to worry about the banality of the gift.

2. Personalized items

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Nowadays, you can personalize anything! Personalized engraved dishes have become common at wedding parties, so a personalized bathrobe, pillows, and bedding are a great gift for honeymooners. Order cute embroidery, photographs, initials or silhouettes of the bride and groom to make a personal present.

3. Bar items

Source: Time Out

If the couple is fond of clubs and nightlife — present them the set of tools for their bar. The quality of drinks prepared depends not only on professionalism but also on the equipment. To surprise the couple, you can present them with one of the best margarita machine from Jonsguide or the full set of the barmen tools such as:

  • shakers;
  • jiggers;
  • strainers;
  • forms for ice;
  • squeezers, etc.

3. Art objects

Source: Chatelaine

This is an ideal wedding gift for the bride and groom who equip a family nest. Having tiled an empty wall with a masterpiece of modern art, you will immediately kill three birds with one stone: you will make young people pleasant and a unique present that will be the subject of conversation for guests.

4. A fire bowl

Source: Amazon.com

There is something exciting in the dancing tongues of flame, sincere gatherings around a fire and the aroma of barbecue with fried mushrooms! If the couple has a private house — give them a bronze or steel bowl for a bonfire, which makes relaxation simple and enjoyable.

5. Travel maps

Source: AARP

If the bride and groom love traveling or plan a trip after the wedding, present them with a huge wall map of the world or a globe, where they can mark visited cities, countries, and routes. Young children will enthusiastically ask parents about the history of each trip. An original wedding gift that is unlikely to be duplicated!

6. Tandem bike

Source: Puget Sound Bike Share

A former mayor of London, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson presented the tandem bike in the style of his famous Boris Bike for the wedding of Prince William and Kate in April 2011.

“I look forward to seeing the newlyweds on two wheels when they begin their new family life,” the mayor told the crowd on Trafalgar Square on their wedding day. It is still unknown what the couple did with their bike and whether they ever rode it. However, we believe that this unusual gift may impress the couple with its originality.

7. Bunch of money

Source: Shareagift

In most cases, the spouses are given money for a wedding. Such a present usually will not surprise anyone. However, such a gift can also be made original — you can form a bouquet from banknotes. It can be issued by florists or masters who are engaged in the manufacture of handmade products. If desired, it can be done with your own hands.

8. Impression

Source: 1st Impression Creative

Not necessarily a wedding present must be material. Newlyweds can be given an impression certificate. For example, it can be a paired jump with a parachute, dinner in an expensive restaurant, a horse ride, tickets for a concert of their favorite group, an invitation to various workshops, exhibitions and so on. Such a present can be purchased at special agencies, where they can issue certificates for the names of the couple.

In case you still want to purchase something material — you still can select useful items by reading jons guide reviews.

9. Romantic journey

Source: Jetsetter

If you have a big budget, then you can choose a romantic trip as a gift. You can buy a ticket abroad or present a young couple a trip to a local resort. Besides, you can present a holiday package. Spouses should appreciate such a gift, especially if for some reason they did not plan to go on a romantic trip after the wedding.

10. Pet

Source: PlanPlus

You can also surprise the spouses if you give them an animal for the wedding. Often young people want to get a dog or a cat, but they cannot afford it, for example, because they live with their parents. When a man and a woman start a family life and move away from their parents, they can think about buying some kind of animal. In this regard, such a gift would be appropriate.

Such a surprise is worth doing if you are sure that the newlyweds will be happy to keep an animal in their house. It is also worth considering if the bride and groom are allergic to animals.

In Conclusion

A wedding is a special celebration, so the surprise prepared for this event should also be unique, and not banal or unnecessary. It must be dedicated to both the bride and groom equally. Jonsguide— is a website with a huge variety of reviews on various topics. Do not hesitate to use it to compare the various gadgets or household items.

When choosing a wedding gift, it is very important to take into account the interests of the newlyweds. If you still have not figured out what to give them, it is best to ask them what they really need. If you want your gift to be remembered for a long time, it should be very individual. We hope that these top ten wedding presents will help you choose an original unforgettable wedding surprise.

What presents do you like most of all from this list? Share your thoughts with us below in the comments.