5 Personalized Wedding Gift Ideas for a Bridal Party

Has your best friend finally decided that it is time to get married? I am sure that you are very happy for her or him, but if you want to show them just exactly how excited you are, you should probably get them a wedding gift for their bridal party. But, if you want to show how genuinely happy you are for this occasion, you will probably have to come up with a unique gift. Something that will show just how much you really care about this wedding.

However, the problem with any kind of gift is that it can be very difficult to be unique. Today, almost every idea has been overused for a present, so finding something special is almost impossible. At least, that is what most people think. Honestly, I believe that there are thousands of different present ideas out there that still have not been used. Even if they have been used, there is nothing wrong with copying or being motivated by someone else’s gift.

If you want to get a personalized wedding gift for the bride or the groom, or for both of them, you can use this article to get some motivation.

Decide on your budget

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Before we get into all the different ideas, I think I have to mention one of the most port and factors that will be considered. Obviously, I am talking about your budget will stop before you go shopping, you will have to determine just exactly how big or small your budget will be. Once you have that in mind, you will have a much easier time picking the right present.

1. Photography session

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This is most definitely the happiest time in the life of both the groom and the bride. Both of them will want to capture this moment and remember forever. The best way to achieve that is with videos and photos from the wedding.

However, even the days before and after the wedding are still special for those that are getting married. So, if you want to be that one friend that brings the most awesome gift to their wedding, here is an idea. You can get them a photography session after they get married or for their honeymoon.

All they will have to do is just dress up and show up at the right place, so the photographer can take some pictures. I am certain that both of them will love the gift as an idea and will probably put a picture of this photo session on their wall. Every time they look at that picture, they will be reminded of you.

2. Matching suitcases

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Everyone knows what a bride and the groom will be doing after your wedding. They will be packing if you suitcases and getting on a plane or an about to go on their honeymoon. A honeymoon is something like a vacation for newlyweds. This is the time when they can enjoy each other’s company for an entire week or maybe even an entire month.

Since you already know this, as a good friend, you could get them a couple of suitcases. But, not just any suitcase. Yes, I am talking about matching sizes, colors, or themes. Whether they go to the airport or climb on a boat, they will never mix their suitcases because they will be matching. To me, this sounds like a gift that everyone would love. I am sure they will appreciate this idea.

3. Unique home decorative items

Before or after the wedding, the newlyweds will probably want to start to live together. Whether they buy an entirely new apartment or a house, or whether they just move in together, they will probably be looking for new decorations. But, finding the right decorations for an empty apartment or house can be a bit difficult.

Thankfully, most guests at the wedding will be gifting them such items. It is going to be either kitchen appliances or nice decorative items. But, as a good friend, you will probably want to take things to the next step. You want to make your present is much more special to them.

The best we can do that is by finding something that will truly be a unique idea. A custom made canvas or a sign for their home, or what I currently love as an idea, a crystal ball with a wooden stand and a mood light inside it. These little crystal ball lamps will fit in almost any room you can think of as suggested by lightue.com.

However, your options do not stop there. You can always continue searching through the Internet and I am sure that you will find some decorations that will seem quite amazing to you.

4. Silk bedcovers

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The newlyweds will probably be sharing a bed for the rest of their lives. They will be sleeping and dreaming together from now on. As a good friend, you should always aim to make their lives happier and more amazing. That is why I believe that getting them new bedcovers is probably an awesome idea.

However, if you want to make this present more special, you will probably have to spend a bit more money because I am not talking about just any bedcovers. In fact, and talking about bedcovers that are made out of silk. These can be so comfortable and so nice to the touch, the bride and the groom will love them.

But, as I already said before, these can be quite expensive.

5. Custom-made cups with their name on them

Source: The White Invite

For those that are looking for a much simpler and affordable wedding gift, I suggest going with this option. I know, it might seem a bit too simple, but I believe that your friends will love it. I think this way because the bride and the groom will be sharing their morning tea or coffee most of the time. Every time they drink some coffee or tea from their favorite cup, they will always be reminded of their best friend, you.

If you continue searching on Internet, I am sure that you will be able to find thousands of other ideas, but I hope that these five I wrote in this article will be enough to motivate or inspire you.