10 Ways to Keep Your Wedding Proposal a Secret

You want to surprise your partner by popping the question. It’s a special moment, and you want it to happen under the best of circumstances. The problem is that you have to deal with several details, and it’s challenging to keep everything a secret. These tips could help you avoid letting anyone know your intentions and make it the biggest surprise ever.

1. Find a trusted friend

It’s not easy planning the details alone. You need someone to help you. From choosing the right ring to setting up the proposal venue, a friend would be great. It will also be less stressful if someone does the other tasks on your behalf. You also need a cheerleader. Asking for someone’s hand in marriage will never be easy, and you should be with someone who will boost your morale.

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2. Keep your cool

You have mixed emotions when you’re about to pop the question. If you live with your partner, it’s even more difficult. Despite what you feel, you have to maintain your cool. Avoid showing extreme emotions since it could cause suspicions. When the topic comes up, you have to avoid overreacting. Respond to it as you did before, and don’t act like you’re hiding something.

3. Be quick

You have to deal with several details for the proposal to happen. However, it shouldn’t drag on for too long. You have to be as quick as possible before the information spreads to other people. She might also start to think that you have no intention of asking her if you keep stalling.

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4. Be careful when buying the ring

Perhaps, the ring is the star of the proposal. It needs to be the best possible ring. Sometimes, it can affect the decision. It’s not because your partner is materialistic, but the ring reflects how deep your relationship is. Rings come in different sizes, shapes, materials, and styles. If you know your partner well, you can find the perfect ring that suits her. You can check out www.persjewel.com if you want only the best.

If you don’t know her ring size, you can ask your friend to measure it for you without being too obvious. You can also check her other rings and measure them. Don’t be too obvious when you want to take the size since your partner will have a clue.

5. Make jokes about the engagement

Apart from revealing the date of the planned proposal, the worst thing that could happen is if you get turned down. You should only pop the question when you’re confident with where things are heading. Try to make jokes that you intend to ask the question and see how your partner responds. You can gauge if things are getting serious. Joking about the engagement will also prevent your partner from having a clue. You won’t even discuss it if you already intend to do it soon. Using a reverse psychology technique might work in this regard.

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6. Don’t invite people to witness the proposal

Your proposal needs to be an intimate event. You want it to be between the two of you. Never invite someone else to witness it. Sure, it would be fun if your friends and family members suddenly pop up after you received a yes. However, if things go the other way, it could be a disaster. You will feel humiliated in front of many people. Having a crowd around you might also lose the intimacy of the proposal. It’s a special celebration that you share as a couple, and it’s not about others. You can inform the rest of the world later once you already savored the moment. You have plenty of time to announce that you got engaged. You can even make an announcement via social media, and it’s enough to spread the word. When too many people know about what will happen, there’s a bigger risk that the secret will get revealed. You don’t want to take any chance.

7. Don’t give any clues

If you like posting on social media, you should avoid topics related to engagements and weddings. You can’t give anyone a clue about your plan. Once people start talking about what you intend to do, it could lead to an unwanted revelation. Leave your partner without any idea of what’s about to happen.

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8. Prepare nice clothes

When you decide to have a surprise engagement, one of the risks is that your partner might feel bad. It’s not due to lack of interest, but because there was no preparation at all. No one wants to celebrate a special moment looking like trash. To score even more points, you should buy nice clothes and accessories to wear if you decide to take photos.

9. Prepare an alternative plan

If things are beginning to get out of hand, you might as well pop the question right away. There’s no point keeping things a secret if your partner already has an idea about what you plan to do. The goal is to receive a yes to your question, and it doesn’t matter how you ask it.

However, if you still wish to stick with the idea of having a surprise proposal, you have to change the details. Start with the date. You can’t ask the question on the same date. Pretend that you didn’t have any plan in the first place. Once you catch your partner off guard or not suspicious, it’s when you ask the question. You might have to scrap some parts of your plan to make things happen.

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10. It’s just the beginning

If you succeeded in getting a positive response, it’s not yet over. It’s only the beginning. You still have to work on the details of your wedding. Some weddings get canceled due to recent unpleasant discoveries. Even after marriage, you still have plenty of things to think about. Working on a relationship isn’t about having a “happily ever after.” You will face challenges each day, and you need to survive them together throughout your life as a couple.