6 Gift Ideas for Your First Valentines Day as a Married Couple

We will all agree that there is no more romantic day than February 14th. All couples in love can hardly wait for this day in order to be able to please each other with unique gifts. If you are one of the couples for whom the first Valentine’s Day is, the whole process has a special meaning. This means that you should do everything to make your partner feel special.
It takes really little to express all the love you feel. Our advice is to personalize this gift as much as possible by adapting your ideas to your partner as much as possible. This is a fantastic opportunity to show him/her how much you appreciate him and truly know him or her. However, if you have been in a relationship for a long time and you have run out of innovative ideas, we can help you with that.

Below you can read some of our tips that can serve as a wonderful gift for your first Valentine’s Day since you were a married couple. Of course, let the following ideas be an inspiration for gifts for any day, not only for Valentine’s Day.

1. Acrylic vow boards

Source: Ohfriday!

Every new married couple is euphoric long after the ceremony. Make sure that euphoria accompanies you as long as possible during your life together, and one of the ways is to make a reminder in the form of Acrylic vow boards. Our advice is to place them in a visible place where you spend time together, for example your bedroom.

The ideal place for this is nightstand that will get a beautiful look with these decorations. So you will wake up every day and go back to sleep with all the promise and commitment you have given each other. That way, you will always have a reminder by your side that will tell you that you are loved every day.

2. A star map of your wedding night

Source: Posterhaste

This is based on your first wedding night. What is the specific meaning of this gift? This is a symbolic reminder of the first wedding night. You can also be very creative when it comes to this gift, you can adjust the constellation to your taste and influence the overall look.

There is another fantastic thing that you can use to surprise your partner, and that is a love message that you will add. Of course, you can change the colors of the map yourself if you want to match a certain color of the room.

3. Custom doormat

Source: Gifts Happen Here

This is another beautiful symbolism! After the ceremony, the couples have same surname. If you were ready to accept it, then you and your partner will embrace this wonderful object. So, our idea for the next Valentine’s Day gift is a doormat with your last name written on it.

Apart from the fact that it can look beautiful after you choose the color, design and shape, it is super practical. There is also great popularity when it comes to this product, and especially when it comes to personalized models. Of course, you don’t have to choose this gift just for this occasion. This is a thing that everyone has at home which makes it a perfect gift for some other purposes as well.

4. Jewelry

Source: pexels.com

If you have decided to spend a little more money when buying gifts for Valentine’s Day, then you certainly can’t go wrong with jewelry. Regardless of whether it is a woman or a man, everyone likes to get a good piece of jewelry from a loved one. This sign of attention represents something eternal, something that the partner will have for the rest of life.

However, you can’t just go and pick up any piece of jewelry and expect to knock your loved one off his feet. This requires careful planning because it will only pay off. Do it with a lot of love and attention. It doesn’t always have to be some conventional jewelry. Let’s mention nano jewelry is an increasingly popular option. For example, nano jewelry with the words “I love you” in over 100 languages is perfect for this occasion. At www.nano-jewelry.co.il you can see what it looks like and if you like it.

5. Your very own neon sign

Source: Amazon.com

Now we present you with another luminous gift that can fit perfectly in the office space, study or living room and many other rooms. Maybe over the bed? Whatever you think is best!

So, we are talking about a luminous sign that could be a sentence that you often say and that means something to you. It is best to make it something that is important to your partner. It doesn’t have to be just letters, it can also be pictures, etc.
Use your imagination and come up with something that will delight your partner. If you are unsure about the shape or symbol, it would be best to consult with a company that deals with these things. Their experts will give you the best advice when it comes to choices.

6. Love story

Source: The Dating Divas

This is one of the most romantic things you can give to your love partner. In this way, you can explain to him in words how much he means to you. Our advice is to try to make your own illustrations of how you met. In this way, you will create a memory that you will return to for the rest of your life, and you will also show how sensitive you really are. Something like that will surely be appreciated by your partner.

In addition, you will have something to show your children and grandchildren. After a long series of years, you will be able to save every detail of your life if you put them on sheets of paper. That way, you’ll always be able to return to your favorite literature.


Valentine’s Day is really the best opportunity to come up with some ingenious ideas thanks to which your spouse will remember this first Valentine’s Day. Remember that it is more important how you treat your partner throughout the year. In comparison, this date means nothing more than an ordinary date. However, use it as a ritual that will remind you of your love and community.