Valentine’s Day Wedding Ideas for 2024

The most popular holiday in the world is undoubtedly Valentine’s Day, after Christmas, of course, which is celebrated by a large number of people around the world. But how did it come to be? Every February 14th, most gifts are given each year, and the day when love is celebrated globally includes a large number of greetings cards, flowers, chocolate, and jewelry. This date has a different meaning throughout history, and it was not celebrated as we do it today. Valentine’s day, represents today love, care, and giving, but the roots of this holiday are violence. Can you believe that?

History of Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s day is related to the time before Christianity began, and although today represents the glorification of love – at that time, it involved punishment and violence. The first documented message for Valentine’s Day was sent in 1415 and was posted by the Duke of Orleans of France to his beloved when he was detained in the Tower of London. In the UK, the sending of love messages became very popular in the mid-18th century, and it is these messages that are considered the precursor of today’s Valentine’s Day greetings. The first messages were made of lace and paper, and soon a collection of rhymes and messages called “The Writer for Young Men for St. Valentine” was published.

Already at the beginning of the 19th century, love letters and congratulations for Valentine’s Day became so popular that factories began to be opened for mass production both in the UK and soon in the United States. About one billion greetings were sent in 2010 for Valentine’s Day, making it the second-largest number of greetings sent around the world – just after Christmas, which still holds this record.

Gifts and Wedding Ideas for Valentine’s Day

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A carefully chosen gift makes happy both the one who gives it and the one to whom it is intended. We know how difficult it is to choose the right gift, especially if it is about a person you do not know enough, so you do not know if you will guess its taste and what you would like. How to choose the best flowers to congratulate? A question that is always topical.
Life is filled with many events and big milestones to celebrate. And delivering flower arrangements is the best way to congratulate our loved ones in happy times.

Believe it or not, this custom of its existence began in ancient Greece. Specifically, the best athletes at the Olympics were given wreaths of olive leaves that they wore on their heads to mark their victory. Nevertheless, flowers were introduced as the most beautiful gift by King Charles XII of Sweden in the 18th century. He used flower baskets as a special form of non-verbal messages, in which each flower had a specific meaning.

Flowers ideas

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Today, in Sweden, there is also a tradition of giving gifts and flowers for specific dates. It is considered that if you bring flowers to the house, you show respect for the host. The most popular gift in Sweden is flower baskets, or nuts, flowers basket, or unique basket with flowers and some fresh fruits and vegetables. There is also a trend in giving baskets filled with different food. There are numerous kinds of flowers you can choose from. You can also buy a flower in a pot, for example, blue or pink hydrangea, because Sweden has the perfect climate for them. If you want to learn more about Swedish tradition when it comes to gifts and flowers, check Flowers Sweden and find out.

This Victorian-era tradition has been elevated to a higher level. As the church forbade young couples to display emotions instead of words publicly, they used flowers as a keeper of love and happiness.

This centuries-old custom has withstood the test of time. And, today, many are happy to choose a beautiful bouquet, even the most beautiful flower pots for the gift. When giving gifts, you should keep in mind that there is a clear symbolism of flowers. So, you have to adjust the choice not only to the recipient but also to the purpose. You can buy the same flowers for a birthday party and wedding, and do not gift the same flowers to your mother and your friend, or college.

Wedding Ideas for 2024

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February is the month in which love is celebrated. This famous Valentine’s Day is waiting and preparing. Weddings inspired by this holiday are wonderful and romantic. You can put on every plate a love note on the white paper written with a red pencil, for every guest, or you can put Cupid’s arrows in the venue to celebrate the love.

  • Decoration Ideas

Red is the color of love, so let your decoration, invitations, thank you notes, flowers, and other details be just in this color. The tables in the hall can be decorated with red roses and candles in the shape of a heart. Valentine’s Day-inspired decor is so cheerful, yet so romantic.

  • Wedding cake

A bride’s cake decorated with Valentine’s Day is another beautiful detail that will complement the theme of your wedding. Serve your guests with “in love” cookies or a chocolate bar. You can order the heart-shaped cake in pink or red color, or it can be covered with white fondant with the splash of red.

  • Rent a limousine

A limo can be quite the experience and it can mean a lot to your loved one if she is into that. Make the day even more special with the help of a service like this one and create a day that all will remember.

  • Valentine’s inspired dress

Wear your dream wedding dress, put a red flower in your hair or put on red slippers, and get white or red flowers in your hands. Find the perfect look for you to enjoy. You will be the real bride of Valentine’s Day if you buy a shoe, high heels with the heart instead of a bow in front. If you are not a traditional bride, you can wear a red wedding dress. It will be a real surprise for all the guests!

Find inspiration in love and Valentine’s Day. Crown your love with the theme of the day dedicated to the lovers. Be beautiful, cheerful, and enjoy your wedding and wedding! Be a happy bride!