Wedding Marquee Trends for 2024

“A great marriage isn’t something that just happens; it’s something that must be created.” – Fawn Weaver

…and creating a memorable wedding day is just the first step towards building a great marriage! 

The venue is the focal point of a wedding, after the bride and the groom obviously. The right venue takes away half your troubles – and the best wedding venue is outside, underneath the sky, with Mother Nature showering her blessings on you and your partner.

Can you get married in a marquee?

Yes. In fact, a wedding marquee is a must-have if you’ve planned your wedding outdoors. Not only does it make for a beautiful venue to get married, it also adds an enchanting and magical vibe to the overall ambiance. You can have an idyllic outdoor reception underneath a marquee’s safe haven with warmth, comfort, and dryness, should the weather turn unsightly.

Every year, we at Extreme Marquees see event tent trends come and go, and 2024 is won’t be any different. It’s barely January, and we’re already flooded with queries about the latest industry trends that will dominate the year-long.

Here are our 2 cents on the wedding venue trends of 2024

1: Large wedding marquee tents will retain their appeal

As we said, a marquee is a great idea to make your wedding day even special. They are extremely versatile and offer greater flexibility and customisation options than permanent event venues.

2019 saw several weddings use large outdoor tents to create awe-inspiring venues, and 2024 will take it even further. Event tents such as clear wedding marquees are all the rage because they flood interiors with natural light during the day, and create a charming starry ambiance at night; minus the dirt, dust, and insects of course.

Try it: Use a canopy to create a stunning wedding space – decide on a theme, install lavish accessories, hang vibrant flowers, add warm lighting, and furnish the interiors comfortably.

2: Colours will make a comeback with complementing furnish

Wedding marquees have traditionally been white, but they can sometimes appear too stark and barren to an outsider. 2024 will see shaded linings across the original canopy, with soft colours graceful textures, and cosy furnishing.

Try it: Moroccan and Indian style decorations with vivid pinks, rich reds, and azure blues-jazz up the interiors cheerfully. Throws, cushions, sofas, and rugs create a relaxed, intimate, and inviting reception and socialising area. Soft furnishings are perfect if you have planned an evening or a winter wedding. When the heat inside the marquee will turn up, the interiors will become invigorated.

3: Village marquees are ‘in’

Single marquee spaces are a thing of the past, and marquee villages are presently the talk of the town. You can combine different marquee structures and assign them individual roles, one each as the bar, dining area, dance floor, and reception. Marquee villages often assimilate covered walkways, terraces, and al fresco bars in their overall scheme.

Try it: Traditional marquees can work as marquee villages, but add a hint of drama with a tepee tent instead. Extreme Marquees offers several styles for you to choose from.

4: Sustainable marquees

Sustainable, eco-friendly structures made with natural organic canvases gained prominence in 2019, and are likely to impact sales of large wedding marquee tents in 2024 too. As more and more couples become aware of the impact wedding paraphernalia has on the environment, solutions that promote green celebrations are increasingly becoming popular.

Try it: Plan your wedding during the day in summer or spring, to reduce the energy usage for lighting and heating.

5: Create a spectacular aura with dramatic lighting

The right lighting can create a stunning effect. While some ornamentations such as chandeliers, table lamps, and string lights are signature wedding lighting, you can dial the tone higher or lower – depending on the wedding theme. Introduce cosy, low lighting with LED candles, string lights, or add a full-scale lighting rig through projected, coloured lights that truly light up the place.

Try it: Use fairy lights and lamps to add more depth to your lighting scheme.

Type of wedding tents

We’ve also compiled a list of popular wedding tents that you can pick for your wedding and reception.

Option 1: Traditional marquees

Classic marquees are erected on poles, secured with guy ropes, and kept upright with tent pegs. Most small, garden-themed weddings with traditional tea use these marquees. A traditional marquee can be decorated with flowers, rustic furniture, and quaint lights for a charming and classy effect. A traditional wedding marquee is perfect during summers for guests who want to venture outside.

Option 2: Tepee marquees

Tepees use a tripod arrangement of poles with exposed beams and interior guy ropes to stay secure. These are frequently used for destination weddings, and often double up as catering and dining zones in themed weddings. You can also use a tepee tent for creating an outdoor drinks reception. Several tepee tents can be joined to create a tepee village also. These tents are not as formal as the conventional marquees, so they are perfect for creating reception areas.

Option 3: Bedouin tents

Bedouin tents have exotic and opulently decorated interiors, and this is what sets them apart from other tents. Most Bedouin tents have a rich interior with plush Indian or Moroccan fabrics draped across walls and ceilings, and they are perfect if you’re searching for something tasteful and unique to be your wedding venue.

Option 4: Yurts

If you’re tight on a budget, but still want a dedicated, luxurious space for dining, bar, or reception area, go for a Yurt. Yurts are round, portable shelters, and combine the best features of houses, marquees, and huts. First used by Central Asian nomadic tribes, modern-day yurts use metal and wooden frames, tarpaulin or canvas walls, Plexiglas walls, etc. The interiors can be accentuated with wooden floors, electricity, plumbing, and fireplaces along with lavish furnishing.

We hope your wedding day is like you’ve always dreamt, and if at any step you falter, the Extreme Marquees Team is just a call away. Let us know how we can help you out!