Having a Hard Relationship? Let God Be the Center of Your Marriage

Newlyweds are often excited with the thrill or the pleasure they will experience within the same roof. This excitement makes them forget the difficulties they will encounter in their journey. In just one move of the clock’s hand, all the happiness may be destroyed by temptation, trials, or just plain boredom.

We usually hear stories of breakups. It makes us conclude that there is no infinity when it comes to relationships. Everything has an end. But what’s more upsetting? When we realize that couples who just breakup were already living together for more than a decade. But this sad truth can be prevented in only one way. How? Let the Almighty one be the center of your marriage.

Numerous couples have no idea why their relationship should be God-focused. They may be Christians, but their marriage will remain agnostic without realizing the significance of God’s grace in their married path. They don’t understand the infinite freedom and incomparable joy they can experience if they put God as the central controller of their journey.

What does it feel like when you are living in a theologically-grounded relationship?

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God is entirely God and fully human. Know His existence well, and you will be well-guided throughout your entire life. Either you encounter negative or positive experiences, He will always be there to guide you to walk the right path. But actually, there are no negative experiences. God-centered life always creates a positive outcome after you experienced some difficulties.

We are living in a society where there are different religions and cultures, but these will not excuse us to not believe in the Supreme Being. Prayer and worship are already essential tools to have a well-grounded relationship with God. There are various ways on how you can build secure founded communication with the Almighty. Reading Holy Scriptures or visiting christian.net give you some tips and let you know the highest offer you can give to please Him.

However, we cannot fully know God if we just rely on what we watch, read, or listen to someone’s stories about Him. Knowing God needs constant communication, full communion, worship, and prayer. These will be your primary access to experience His grace and kindness without any condition. Let God be the priority of your life, and He will provide abundance on your marriage.

What Holy Scriptures say about the abundant love of God for us?

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1 Corinthians 3:16 says that the Holy Spirit is the way to know the essence of God. The Spirit was sent by Christ to His people to reside in their hearts. God promises not to leave nor forsake us (Deuteronomy 31:6, Hebrews 13:5). Thus, we should not be afraid when difficult challenges hit us hard. We are never alone. He is there to serve as the lighthouse, even in the darkest path.

Don’t avoid conflict that tries to wreck your home. Instead, face it with confidence after knowing that God will be at your side, guiding your footsteps. Give your spouse the freedom to feel the fear, hurt, sadness, and all other emotional related aspects. Let God makes you realize the person who can handle all of your emotional stress.

Psalm 139:7 says that knowing God’s full existence means recognizing the Father’s sovereignty. Nothing happens that is not included in God’s plan. We cannot find a place to hide from His eyes as everything belongs to Him. Hence, we are free to rest under His arms and let Him control our lives. Let Him find the one that deserves you.

God is Fully Authorize With Your Life

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When you are living on the same roof, you cannot guarantee that all things in your relationship will run smoothly. Sometimes, you cannot understand the true nature or behavior of your spouse that can trigger the foundation of your marriage. But be mindful that everything happens for a reason, and things run according to His purpose. Having this well-founded belief, you will not be worried about the future of your relationship.

Authority should not impose on one another. We are just designed to be the steward of that authority, but we are not authorized to rule over our spouse’s life; God owns it. Our experience is under the sovereign of the Supreme Being. The most comfortable marriage is to not put excessive power on one another. Do not let your husband or wife live inside your pocket. He or she should be protected under God’s haven arms.


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The theological construct of the trinity–the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit–is an essential element of the God-centered relationship. Having God as the center of marriage means that you should reflect and think about Him in every action. Putting His gracious love in our hearts provides us with unimaginable blessings. Our infinite fellowship and service of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit secure our place at Calvary, the safest place we can live happily.