God’s Presence: The Importance Of God In Marriage

If you want a happy and prosperous marriage, you should always consider making God’s presence the center of your home. When you feel and remember that God is in your room, all the verses about how to treat each other with love take on more importance, submitting both body and soul with admiration for Christ.

Your wife matters so much to God, that’s why you should do the same, your wife should matter so much to you. You and your wife should be more aware of God’s presence so that both of you will focus on having more God-ordered marriage. Try to reflect and ask yourself different questions such as, am I happy with my marriage? Am I ok with the treatment I received today? With answering those questions, you will how important God in any marriage.

Knowing God More And Clearly

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You should apply yourself to love your wife as God’s daughter so that God will make himself more real to you every day. He gives you His strength. He answers your prayers. He offers his perspective. He provides you convection, hope, encouragement, and counsel. The more you invite God into your marriage and life, the more real He becomes to you. All this time, God is with you, of course, but if you open your eyes to Him wider than before, you’ll see Him more clearly.

All of these are true, especially if your marriage experiencing a storm. When things are calm, you may not feel the need for God so much. But when you know that you don’t have what it takes to connect with God, He is far more distant to you. When things are a mess, He becomes your only hope. And with how amazing God works, resorting to Him as your only hope is the best and sure thing to do.

When you follow God’s word and put it in the center of your marriage, the sacred writing of Jesus will make a way into your heart, not just in your mind, so God’s Holy Spirit can judge you. When your better half does the same, he or she will faithfully approach God to accept His strength to love you more and will open up to be a vessel of God’s love. And who wouldn’t want to receive God’s love?

More Love In Marriage With The Help Of God

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By making God the center of the marriage, you will be able to get His help to love. God knows that we cannot love the way that he wants us to love, and he doesn’t even expect us to. But He does want us to come to Him and lean on Him. He wants us to learn to let His power flow through our sinful minds and hearts so that we can be the individual who improves in love that others notice it.

If we wanted more of God and less of your partners, all would have a happier marriage relationship. But often people reverse it, and it’s true. We always argue with our partners and then go and ask God as a last option. And before you talk things through with your wife, try to talk to God first to get his view. You need to be dependent on His strength. Always pray to God to help you care about your marriage, talk to Him about the importance of your wife, and how you want things to be good again.

Take time every morning, ask God to help you think about how you should thank your wife for being always there for you. God is good at reminding us of things that we tend to forget. Ask God to help you attest and encourage your wife. All that God wants is for husbands to cherish his daughter.


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Maintaining God’s perspective to be the purpose of your marriage offers the fundamentals for a successful and happy marriage relationship. Marriage becomes a spiritual venture rather than depending on bearing a child, financial status, or securing your position at work. Being capable of fulfilling God’s intended design and purpose for marriage should drive the couple to have a Christian character.

God’s purpose for the marriage relationship is to be the door of the Christian home. The loving relationship between wife and husband should give the most clear blueprint of Christ’s love. The representation provides to the church, children, and the world would genuinely draw others to the love of Christ.