Newly Weds? Say Yes to a Good Mattress

There are a lot of changes that will happen once you get married, and sometimes, they’re more than what you’d expect. It may be random, simple, or petty, but all of those would definitely affect your new relationship. Even as simple as getting a good night’s sleep will help keep your relationship get stronger each day.

But why is a good night’s sleep beneficial for a new relationship?


According to one study, we empathize better when we sleep well because parts of the brain that are assigned to emotional empathy function better with it, thus decreasing the functionality when the opposite is done.

So when your partner feels distressed or when you are in conflict, you would have better empathy or understanding of the other person’s feelings and/or perspective when you’ve had one of the best rests.

Also, the lack of a good night’s sleep can cause a person to become more irritable. A recent study suggests that most of the time, women who don’t get enough sleep are more aggressive against their spouses. However, men are also affected by this anger and aggressiveness issues caused by lack of sleep – it’s just that it’s more noticeable with women.

Getting angry and aggressive most of the time would create more friction inside your home. We wouldn’t want that, especially as a newlywed couple, right?

Lastly, most couples who have been married for a long time have testified that “communication is the key to a good married life”. A researcher once said that lack of sleep causes an individual to be more socially awkward, distancing oneself from other people. This can happen even towards your spouse, and that would be a huge problem because the moment you get married, you are supposed to share almost everything with your partner.

Getting a good sleep requires a good mattress, and getting a new mattress when getting married or when you just got married is not a priority for most couples. If you may, we can give you a different perspective regarding this matter as you continue to read this article.


Tips for Getting a Good Mattress

To help you with that, here are some factors we believe are important when choosing a good mattress:

1. Durability

Source: casper

A mattress, as common as it may seem for a household item, is still considered as an investment. So you should definitely put durability on top of your consideration. Your mattress should last at least 10-15 years because it’s one of the household items that you could bring with you even when you decide to move houses.

2. Size

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Choosing the size of your mattress or your bed is another top consideration as it would affect both of you for a long time. Imagine getting a small-sized mattress when your spouse is really tall or having your future kids sleep with you. You have to think about these things thoroughly.

3. Quality

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Some labels are not as accurate as you might think. There would be times that you would need to test the mattress before finally deciding to get one. It’s actually best if you could test a mattress together so both of you would have personal opinions regarding the product. There are also various mattresses designed keeping in mind the needs of active couples. You can check a good list here.

Never hesitate to ask to test the mattress for at least 5-10 minutes as you are deciding for a big investment and not just another purchase. It would definitely be best to talk to a salesperson aside from doing your own research regarding the product before saying yes to a mattress.

4. Firmness

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Firmer or softer is definitely not better. You have to put into consideration both of your needs. A heavier physique would need a firmer bed as this body type would need more support. Also, if one of you has health conditions that would definitely be affected by your choice of mattress, it’s always best to consult your physician first before deciding.

You can always opt to get an airbed as it is commonly known to have adjustable firmness, but always keep in mind that great mattresses come at great prices.

5. Research


You have to do your own research regarding a certain product you are eyeing for. These are common queries people forget:

  • Ask about the warranty, trial periods, or guarantees
  • Protection for your mattress (waterproofing)
  • Variations or other options


Determining the most practical mattress for you and your partner may not be as big of a deal as you once thought for having a nice kick off on your married life. But always keep in mind that a great bed almost always means great sex!