The Best Ideas On How to Decorate Your Own Wedding Cake

Organizing your own wedding can be very stressful, and not a lot of people decide to do it on their own. But if you decide to do a few things on your own, and to DIY a few things, that can be very interesting, and not so time-consuming. And what’s best, you can save a lot of money with just a few things done on your own.

And one of those things is your wedding cake. If you love baking or decorating cakes, and you have a little bit of experience, this is a great idea to do. You can bake your own cake and decorate it in whatever the style you like.

We are going to give you the best ideas on how to decorate your own wedding cake. If you want it to be even easier, you can buy a cake that is covered with simple fondant and just decorate it, you don’t need to bake a cake from scratch.

Whatever you choose to do, buy a cake with fondant cover, or bake them yourself, these ideas will make your cake very beautiful.

1. A simple, yet beautiful solution

Source: Cakes by Yolk

This first idea is so simple, but your cake will look elegant and beautiful. You just need a couple of ribbons, depending on how much tiers do you have. Just simply put a ribbon around every tier, and that’s it, easy as that. Choose the ribbons depending on the rest of the decoration you will have. You can choose whatever style you like, and whatever material you like, lace, cotton, organza, satin. The colors should be the ones that go well with the rest of the decoration, or they go well with your dress or the bridesmaids’ dresses. And this will go best with a cake that is covered with fondant. The ribbons will be easy to remove, once the time comes to eat the cake.

And don’t forget to add a topper on your cake. This you can also DIY, or you can buy finished toppers in whatever style you like. And whatever you think goes well with your cake or the rest of the decoration. Once the cake is presented you can add some sparkles to it, the guests will go crazy about this.

2. The style of the cake


The style of the cake is very important because it depends on the style what the rest of the decoration will be, and how the finished look will be. We talked about fondant covered cakes, but if that’s not something that you like, and you want something more rustic you can cover your cake with buttercream, and it will look gorgeous. And the best part of buttercream, it’s simple to do, and it doesn’t need to be perfect. Or if you prefer simple cakes, then your cake can be naked, just add a little cream on to the tiers, and do the rest with the decoration. Everything depends on the style of your wedding.

3. Flowers, flowers, flowers

Source: Martha Stewart Weddings

We bet that you love flowers, everyone loves flowers. So why not put flowers on your cake. So why not decorate your cake with flowers. You can go old-school and decorate it with flowers that are made from sugar, you can buy those also and save some time, you don’t need to make them by yourself. And you can find many options and many different styles of flowers. Or you can have a bit of a modern approach, and add fresh flowers. Just go to your florist, and chose the most beautiful flowers and cascade them onto your cake. The flowers can be the same you have for the rest of your decoration, or you can choose different types of flowers if you want your cake to stick out. With flowers, you can make your cake look traditional and elegant, or you can make them look rustic or modern.

4. The table


When you’re finished decorating your cake, you need to think about decorating the table where your cake will be. And this is very important, you don’t want to over-decorate it, because you want your cake to stick out, but you also don’t want your table to be plain and simple, because yes, it’s a wedding. You can make a simple twist with just a cake stand if the cake stand is pretty, and interesting it will make all the difference. And the decoration around the cake is also important. Add details, add flowers, add nicely decorate plates, stick with a color combination that goes well with the rest of the decoration of the venue. If you have time, make little muffins that are similar to your cake, or buy them, and place them around the cake. Add little signs, jars with cookies, lanterns and similar things. Place vases with flowers, or just throw flowers around it. If it goes well with the rest of the decoration place crystals or glitter on the table. There are a lot of ideas and inspiration on the internet that you can find. Just play with everything, and the end result will surely be great.

We hope that we helped you a little and that you will choose to decorate your cake and the table yourself. And we believe that you will be surprised and amazed by the end result. Good luck and have fun decorating.