7 Tips for Creating the Perfect Wedding Catering Budget

We all have bad and good experiences and memories, but among those good ones, only a few in our lives really matter as they have such a big impact on our entire life. Our wedding day is one of those big moments that we will never forget, as it is a day we started a whole new life with our significant other. On the other hand, it is also an occasion for which we will have to pay a lot, which is not such a big deal when we consider the meaning and importance of that day, and at least not as much as the overall stress that planning this whole day can cause. Namely, most people think about this special day for quite some time and usually have a whole day planned in advance, which is also why this day can also be one of the most stressful ones, and no, we are not exaggerating.

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1. Planning a wedding checklist

The whole idea of marriage is starting a family and planning a new life with a person we care for and love most, but when it comes to precisely this special day, well, we all want and wish for different things, meaning that deciding on a date for a reception, whether it should be an outdoor or indoor one and which venue to pick, along with the famous question whether to go with a band or a DJ, can lead to a headache. Now, since this is a memorable and special occasion, not everything regarding organizing it should be difficult and time-consuming, as all you need is to hire a wedding planner. Of course, this will be an even higher financial burden, which is why so many decide to still do most of the things by themselves.

2. How to create a wedding menu?

Now, even though the bride and groom are the most important on this day, the overall atmosphere will also be a subject that your guests will talk about in the future, and among all other things, food is also something of vast importance and a highly talked about topic. That is why we will focus now more on how many meals there should be, along with what are the best yet less costly options, and provide some tips on how to create the perfect wedding catering budget.

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3. Stick to a classic option

Regardless of what some might think, the best option for creating a perfect budget for such an occasion is by going with a classic menu, with some small changes or, to be more precise, variations. Namely, this type of menu has three courses, and by going with this option, not only will you reduce the time deciding on which courses to add and which to remove, but it will also make everything less costly. The only thing to plan and think about here is the main course and whether that should be a little more expensive options like shrimp or lobster, or stick to pork and grilled chicken with sweet summer vegetables.

4. Keep track of the invites

Knowing the exact number of guests is one of the most important things when planning any event, and a wedding is not an exception. In that way, we will be able to plan the number of meals that need to be served and avoid paying more than we need for people who cannot come. If you do not know how to be sure about the number, send every guest a reply card and ask them to send you back their answer at least two weeks before the wedding. Thanks to modern technology, there is also an easier and faster way to check the number of guests, and you can send them an email invitation with a reply card, which will cut the expenses even more.

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5. Choose local ingredients

For people who are not sure which dishes to choose and do not have some special wishes for their wedding day, choosing ones made of local ingredients might be the best decision. Local ingredients are always fresh, and that means the meal made from them will be more than delicious. Besides that, it is a much cheaper option than choosing some ingredients that is difficult to find.

6. Avoid having too many guests

One of the simplest ways to save some money is to keep the wedding small and invite a small number of guests. Having a big party is nice, but it is also expensive and can be too overwhelming and stressful. On the other side, keeping it small and inviting only the most important people in your life can make your day unforgettable and help you save a lot of money. Besides that, you will have the opportunity to chat for a while with each guest and spend some quality time with them by sharing the special day.

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7. Make a wedding in the offseason

The summer months seem to be reserved for weddings, and most people decide to make theirs during those months. It has its advantages, such as longer days and warm weather, but it also has some disadvantages as it could be too warm, so deciding to go with the offseason months can be a much better solution. If you decide to schedule the wedding during the offseason, it will be much easier to book the venue, catering company, band or DJ, and what is even more important, it will be much cheaper than doing it in the middle of the season.

To summarize

Planning a wedding should be fun and interesting, but, for many people, it is a stressful job, especially if they try to do everything on their own. If you are one of them, and these tips are not enough to help you avoid the stress of creating the best menu, maybe the best solution is to leave it to professionals. But, sometimes, it can be challenging to find the right people to help you, and if you do not know where to look, and need the best catering South Jersey company, visit michellescatering.com.