Wedding Planning 101 – Tips And Checklist

Ah! The most important day of your life is about to arrive. The day when you become one with the person you love the most needs a detailed preparation for it to be memorable and worry-free. This article can help you and your partner organize the best day of your lives – your wedding day.

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Tips for your Wedding Preps

Weddings are extraordinary occasions that need a blueprint to follow. Below are ten tips from wedding experts that can lessen the stress in wedding preparations.

1. Involve your partner.

It takes two to tango. You are not planning a one-woman or one-person show; it is for you and your wife or husband-to-be. It is best to consult with him/her to achieve commonality between what you both want. Both of your involvement can also lessen the possibility of conflict over the wedding matters and can also reduce stress or overlooked details.

2. Create a budget plan.

Finances do play an important role in the whole process of the preparations. There is no problem with spending, but you have to consider the quality of these items you are purchasing and if you need it for the ceremony. If you have friends or relatives who will sponsor items for the wedding, it is good to talk with them immediately.

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3. Make your checklist.

For the benefit of everyone involved in the planning, it is best to have a checklist. A calendar of activities is also advisable to have in hand. This lessens the possibility of overlooked details. A list can help monitor what you need to do despite having work or studies or personal matters to think of. Checklists also help you control from freaking out over essential details for the ceremony.

4. If possible, hire an assistant or a wedding planner.

There is no problem with asking for help from experts. If your budget can accommodate it, hiring a wedding planner is good. A focal person to call for wedding matters, which will also check on you and your partner regularly, does help in calming your nerves. You can rely on the wedding planning team to go over intricate details, including the legal matters and monitor all the hustle-and-bustle for the ceremony.

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5. Select a date, venue, menu, and theme/motif appropriately.

Dates for the wedding usually are significant and unique days for the couple. It adds to the great feels of the wedding. In selecting the date, you have to consider the venue for your wedding ceremony and even the reception.

What kind of wedding do you want? – a church wedding, a wedding behind the dreamy scenes along the beach, or a wedding around a simple embrace of a garden or nature. This is what you need to answer in choosing the venue. Once you have determined the site, check the weather for the specific day. Though the weather is unpredictable, it is vital to correct it. You would not want to have a beach wedding in the middle of the occurrence of a strong typhoon. This is why the venue and date come hand-in-hand with each other.

Another intertwined matter is the theme and motif of the wedding. The theme is the concept behind all the decorations and items seen in the ceremony. The motif, on the other hand, is the items or objects that establish the theme in a visual sense. These two, the theme and motif, is crucial because it symbolizes the love story of the couple.

For the reception, it is also a need to choose the food to be served. Some planners consider all the allergies or food preferences of the guests as well. Couples usually serve their favorite dishes making the menu incorporated in the memorable ceremony.

6. Limit your options and choices.

Having too many options for attire, venue, food, or even the people who will have significant roles in the ceremony can confuse and stress you out. Making at least a 5-item choice list for every factor is good enough to come up with the low-cost yet best decision for your wedding.

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7. Consider the viewpoints of relatives or friends.

Gathering the insights of relatives and other married couples can help you assess and evaluate your planning process. For some instances, the unfortunate incidents that other people may have gone through can affect the couple’s choice on important wedding matters. Who knows the suggestions and ideas of your relatives may make your wedding more memorable.

8.  Complete your guest list.

Your guest list is a significant part of the ceremony. Invite the most important people in your life. You don’t have to invite too many people to witness your union. The number of guests who will attend the ceremony also influences your choice of venue and budget. Remember, quality over quantity—the presence matter, not the headcount.

9. Finalize the details at least a month before the wedding date.

You have to give ample time for your wedding preparations. Nothing good comes in an instant snap of a finger. Go over all the details, big or small, a month before the critical day. This can lessen your stress and anxiety over the wedding. It also gives you time to look for options in the case that your first choice doesn’t work with the wedding plan.

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10. Remember to take some time off from the preps.

To reset yourself before the wedding, you and your spouse-to-be can go on a short vacation. This can help you reconnect with each other and go back to the true essence of the ceremony – your love and commitment to each other. Taking some time off can also help you appear refreshed and recharged for you to look your best on your wedding day.

Amidst all the preparation and the stress, never forget to express your gratitude to everyone who made the most memorable day of your life possible.

Wedding Checklist

Here is a shortlist of the essential things you have to think of for your wedding day.

·  Date, venue, and theme

Consult your partner in choosing these three matters to achieve the middle ground of what you both envision your wedding to be. The date, venue, and theme corresponds to the distinct and unique feature of your wedding.

·  Attire and accessories

The wedding gown is one thing that every woman dreams of to wear walking down that aisle towards the person she loves. The suit of the groom is uniquely made that will make him stand out from everyone else.  Attire to be worn by the bridesmaid and the couple also chooses the groomsmen. These may be extravagant clothes worn only for one day. But these are the outfits that will have a different and significant meaning for the rest of your life.

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·  Invitations

Invitations are usually distributed to the guests a week or two before the event. The design of the invitation matches the theme and motif of the wedding. The most important thing about the invitation is the information it must contain, such as the name of the couple, the venue, the date, the prescribed attire/color, and the sponsors and entourage. The invitation is a formal acknowledgment of the people you want to be there.

·  Wedding items

The rings and other items that the couple would deem necessary for their ceremony must also be checked. Rings are one of the first things you have to select. It must be a perfect fit for you and your spouse.

·  Reception décor

Decorations seen in the reception hall correspond with the theme and motif. These may mean something unique to the couple and their guests overall. The décor adds to the uniqueness of the ceremony as a whole.

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·  Guestlist and seat plan

Just like any event, weddings also have seat plans. The immediate family of the couple usually sit in the first two tables. It is also a challenge on how to place friends, relatives, and acquaintances in a particular table together. The seat arrangement typically denotes how important or significant you are to the couple.

·  Reception Menu

Food must be exquisitely delicious. It does not need to be very ornate; it just has to satisfy your guests and have their stomachs full after the wedding.

·  Photo booth and souvenir items

Souvenir items matter to the guests because this is how they will remember that particular day. It is good to note that these photos are the indelible marks of the ceremony. One right way for these souvenir items to be beneficial not only memorable is to turn them into multipurpose items like a mug or a paper holder.

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·  Reception program

During the reception, there would be people who have to speak well-wishes for the couple and the guests. It is best if you would choose people who will endear and entertain the people with a two to five-minute-long speech. The program is where the couple interacts with the guests; that’s why it has to be planned and organized thoroughly.

·  You and your partner

The most important thing to check before the wedding is the couple themselves. Be ready for a lifelong promise of love and commitment with each other with your family and friends as witnesses. Always check on one another during the wedding preparations because you are preparing the wedding, not for anyone else, but the two of you.

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Wedding ceremonies are never defined by the pricey decorations nor the extravagant details. The union of the couple is the true definition of the wedding. Wedding preparations are stressful because it is equal to a ton of bliss awaiting you in married life.