Early Stage Wedding Planning – 2024 Guide

Planning for a wedding can be tough – the sheer detail that is involved in such a momentous occasion can definitely be a cause for stress. The key thing to keep in mind is the reason for the season – that you are marrying the love of your life! And then you can see how it can also be a lot of fun.

There are a lot of things that have to be thought about in planning for a wedding. Some of the things you should start with are:

1. Know where you want to hold your wedding

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This may be the number one essential in planning a wedding. There are people who have always visualized where their wedding would be – will it be a garden wedding with an intimate group of loved ones? Will it be a church wedding with a complete entourage and a big reception afterwards? Will it be a beach or other destination wedding? The choice of venue could spell all the other logistical concerns involved, and all the other decisions you are to make afterwards.

2. Decide on the overall aesthetic

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Bring together all the design ideas you want or have always imagined with your spouse. Get concepts from magazines, get suggestions from friends, or get a consultation with a designer who can help you carry out a directive.

Aside from this, you should also be able to decide on the theme of your dresses, the colors, and the entourage’s look as well. Know what feel you are going for, and get the design specifics from there.

3. Be concrete about your budget

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Weddings can be a very expensive thing – probably one of the most expensive things you will ever have to spend for. It is important to be clear with your spouse about what your financial allocations will be, so you can decide on other arrangements accordingly.

Your budget will also spell the number of guests you are going to invite for your wedding, and if it is a destination wedding, what part of your guests’ expenses you are willing to answer for. These arrangements can be flexible depending on the budget you are working on – just make sure to be clear about it from the beginning so as to lessen confusion and make everything run as smoothly.

With the size of your party comes the need, or lack thereof, for a wedding planner and organizer. If it is going to be an intimate event, there may be no need for that and all the other extravagant additions. But if you decide on a big party, it may be best to get someone else to handle the program flow and the entourage for you, as that may be a logistical nightmare to take care of on your own.

4. Go jewelry shopping

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Weddings are one of those occasions where jewelry is an inescapable part. As you decide on your theme, know if you and your entourage will need jewelry and what kind it will be. Of course, you have to get your own wedding rings for you and your spouse. You can find ones that are ready made, or look through custom wedding rings so that you can have one designed specifically to your tastes. Click here to get more info on the best custom wedding rings to get for your big day.

5. Fix your guest list

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Weddings are a very important time for the couple – it can probably be considered as another birthday for them. A wedding will mark the start of a new life together – being independent of one’s family, starting a family of your own, and being responsible for the lives of other people you may be bringing into this world. It is important to narrow down how many people you are going to invite, and to be able to give them the save-the-dates for these well in advance in order that they may block it off in their own schedules. Telling your guests early of the date will also help you get a better picture of who will really be able to attend, and who cannot make it on the date you set, and the location you set it for.

The number of guests you will be having will also spell how the venue will be utilized and arranged. All logistics must be able to accommodate the number of expected arrivals, and this is vital in making your wedding run as smoothly as possible.

6. Get the invitations out

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Once this is out, you can then arrange for your invitations – the design, look, and character. You can check out suppliers or choose to do this on your own as well. This may be a fun thing to do with your partner if you wish to do it yourself – it can be a good way to bond, to put your own flair and personality into the invites, and to give it the character that can make your guests feel extra special.

7. Take the time to write down your vows

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With all the flurry and hustle that wedding preps tend to incur for you, it may understandably be very stressful for both you and your partner. Carving out time to write down your vows in the midst of the whole process may help both of you stay grounded on the reason for the celebration and why you are both spending much of your time, energy, and money into your wedding. This will also remind you of the love that you have for one another, and may direct your actions towards your love for one another throughout this tedious and detail-oriented process. It’s a healthy way to go back to why you both are doing this, to begin with and keep both of you on the same page when times get challenging.

These are just some of the few things you initially have to have in place when you start planning for your wedding. It may get wearisome, but remember to enjoy the process! You will be officially joined with the one person you want to spend the rest of your life with, and that is always a great reason to celebrate in a grand way.