7 Tips for a Dreamy Backyard Wedding – 2024 Guide

A wedding day is one of the most important days of our lives. It is a moment when the lives of people change completely. Everything you do in the future, you have to do with your partner. For instance, if you plan to travel somewhere, you will have to organize the trip together with your further wife/husband. The budget you possess is not only yours. Together with your partner, you are organizing everything.

Well, organizing a wedding day is a tough challenge. First of all, there is a mental factor that puts us under pressure. Logically, you need to decide on a big thing. Despite that, you want to make everything look perfect. As we said, this is one of the most special days of your life. Everything around that day needs to be amazing, perfect, and unique. However, is that easy?

First of all, brides have a problem picking the right wedding dress. They are not quite sure which design suits them the most. The groom has a different problem. He wants to pick the best wedding ring. People that are married know how tough these two decisions are.

Finally, one of the most difficult things you need to decide is where to organize this event. The first doubt is should people organize it inside or outside. Well, many factors influence this decision. However, we are here to talk about outside weddings. More precisely, if you are planning to organize your wedding in your backyard, then this article is for you. You will find a couple of tips for a dreamy backyard wedding.

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1. Consider the Size of Your Backyard

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This is the first thing that you need to think about. Logically, you will have to invite a lot of guests and you must have enough space for all of them. You will know how which limits your backyard has. For example, you will know which things you can add to improve the design of your backyard. Despite that, you will know how many chairs and tables you can put. That will tell you how many guests you can invite as well.

2. Consider the Weather and Time

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We are quite sure that you won’t organize your wedding over the winter. However, even if you organize your wedding in mid-July, that doesn’t mean everything will be perfect. First of all, check if you need to rent misters or heaters. Despite that, you need to think about mosquitoes. There are a lot of them in your backyard and you need to ensure that they do not disturb guests.

Finally, what are you going to do if the rain starts falling? Our recommendation is to always plan rain. In that way, you will be ready for any sort of issue. We recommend you ensure three items – blankets, hand fans, and umbrellas.

3. Set the Stage

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When you check the size and the weather/time, then the main part comes. You need to organize where the ceremony is going to take place. Besides that, you need to find enough place for all the guests to sit or stand.

We do not know exactly how your backyard looks. However, is there a cool fence or a huge tree in your backyard? Well, that would be a good place to set the stage.

Of course, the stage needs to look attractive and interesting. There are a couple of items that you can add and make things more interesting. For instance, add items made out of fabric or balloon installation.

There are a couple of things more you should consider. You need to ask yourself – “Are guests going to be in front of you or they are going to circle around you?” Which type of ground you have in your background? Are there any slopes or the ground is fiat? If the ground is fiat, we would like to suggest one thing. You can design the so-called “dance stage”. Logically, you need to check if there is enough space for something like that.

4. Pick the Right Design of the Items

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In this case, “items” include plates, chairs, flatware, glasses, and tables. First of all, you need to think about the number of items that you need to purchase. There is one big mistake that couples make. For instance, if there are 50 guests, they buy 50 glasses. Well, what is going to happen if someone accidentally breaks the glass? As you know, alcohol is always involved in this sort of event. This scenario might happen. Prepare at least 2 glasses for different types of alcohol for each guest. In that way, you will be sure that no one is going to drink whiskey or wine from the bottle…

Anyway, try to match the design with your style. If you a casual type of person, then find the simplest designs. If you a traditional type of person, you can use the designs that were popular many years ago. Imagine that you organize a wedding that will be similar to those organized in the mid-80s. Would that be creative?

5. Ensure Good Lighting

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We suppose that your wedding will start somewhere in the noon. However, when you have many friends and relatives in one place, you can’t expect they will go home before dark. That’s why you need to ensure good lighting. For example, hang string lights would be a great choice to make things casual, yet elegant at the same time. Despite that, they make things a bit more romantic, don’t they? This is a romantic day and they would be a perfect match.

6. Get Out-Of-The-Box

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Some elements will make your wedding more interesting to the guests. For instance, you can improvise a wall in your backyard. There you can set up framed photos of all the guests that come. On the entrance of your backyard, you can point your guests in the right direction with a sign. This is not a complicated thing to make. We believe it will be easy to do that alone.

7. Don’t Forget the Music

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Finally, you also need to ensure a place for the band that will play songs on your wedding day. Keep in mind that they need electricity to connect their instruments and microphones with the speakers. Keep in mind that people won’t see the cables while they are dancing. Ensure they are marked somehow or simply place them somewhere around the stage.