How to Address Invitations for Your Wedding?

You should follow the protocols. Things have changed over the years, but still, it’s essential to address wedding invitations properly. Even though it seems like a simple task, it can be quite stressful. For a start, you need to correct your guest list- you must have title and names of the guests as well as the address information to include zip code.

When inviting single guests, be aware whether or not they’re bringing a “plus one.”

There are a few simple rules that would be helpful to follow.

1. Name titles

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The first is an MD, Dentist or Veterinarian, Psychiatrist and the second is Ph.D. Remember that these guests put a lot of effort to get that degree, so you should respect it and use the title correctly.

2. Name orders

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Most of the time, you shouldn’t separate a man from his name, so when inviting a married couple, write Marry and Mark Roberts rather than Mark and Marry Roberts.

3. Inviting children

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If you’re inviting the couple but not their children, address the invitation only to them. If the kids are invited, then add their names as well.

4. Correct spelling

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Make sure the grammar and the spelling are correct. That is a sign of respect. Also, you don’t want to look stupid.

5. Abbreviations

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Simply, do not abbreviate on the envelope.

Also, make sure to send invitations on time so your guests can prepare properly and let you know whether they’re coming to spend the special day with you.