Simple but Elegant Wedding Invitation

When you and your partner decide to tie the knot, you will naturally want to invite family and friends to join you and witness the big day. One of the best ways to make sure people know about your nuptials is by sending out wedding invitations to them. And given that your wedding invitation is the first thing that allows your guest to peek into your big day, you need to make sure it is impressive. You must ensure it communicates all the necessary details without any confusion Thus, you should work to have a simple but elegant wedding invitation.

What are wedding invitation templates?

Wedding invitation templates are model documents with standard opening and closing sections pre-filled. People looking to design their own wedding invitations can borrow ideas from them, and only complete the variable parts. This way the betrothed couple can save time and other resources that they would have had to use to make their invitations. The good news is that you can check out TimberWink Studio if you are looking for excellent wedding invitation templates to help you get your hands on the best stationery for your big day.

6 Tips for making wedding invitations

Below are some tips that can help you in choosing the best wedding invitations for your wedding:

1. Consider the formality of your event


Other than informing everyone of the important details of your big day, the wedding invitation also hints at the level of formality or the style of your ceremony. It is vital to keep in mind the kind of event you want to throw. Is it casual and relaxed, classic and elegant or modern and glam? When you get down to shopping for your wedding invitation, you should pick a style of invitation that reflects the style of your function.

After that, you can check out other couples’ invitations and even check online so you can get stationery that brings out the idea you want.

2. Ensure the wedding invitations are legible

One of the most crucial things related to your wedding invitations is the legibility to pass the information about your event because that is the reason you send them out. The things that affect your invitations’ legibility are the colour, text, and patterns.

Luckily, you can choose a wedding invitation template that is properly legible to help you make invitations that are also properly readable. For you to have legible stationery, ensure the text colour contrasts well with the background, especially if you go for yellow and pastels which can be somewhat hard colours to read.

Also, choose your fonts keenly because some fonts can be hard to read. For example, avoid overly scripted typefaces. You don’t want to trade readability for beauty.

3. Think about the colours


It’s important that you think carefully about the colour scheme for your wedding and incorporate them into your wedding invitation design, as well as use them in the rest of your event’s stationery such as programmes, menus, and escort cards, for consistency. However, as you choose the colours for your invitations, you need to think about how the colours affect their readability.

4. Have the correct dates on the invitation

The whole point of sending out wedding invitations is to provide information about the date and venue of your wedding. Unfortunately, some people may not check carefully enough and make errors with the dates they put on their invitations. You need to confirm the correct date before shopping and getting your wedding invitations designed and printed.

Additionally, you need to include the RVSP details on the invitation or you may choose to have a separate RVSP card. You need to make the deadline for confirming attending your event not more than three or four weeks after the guests get their cards. This is crucial because the longer you give your guests to reply, the more likely they are to forget.

You should check with your catering service provider when they will need the final headcount to plan for food and drinks so that you can give your invitees a reasonable timeframe for guests to confirm their attendance. Also, you need to know the number of guests for décor and seating arrangements. All these preparations will need to be finalized several weeks before the wedding.

5. Avoid crowding the invitation


For you to have simple but elegant wedding invitations, you need to limit the details you put on the card to only the most crucial information. You need the only main points on the invitation such as:

  •   The date, time, and venue of your wedding
  •   You and your spouse’s full names
  •   RVSP information
  •   Dress code, if necessary

You need to avoid having too much information on the card as crowding it will make it less elegant and harder to read. If you want to communicate details such as directions to the venue for the event and post-wedding activities, you can include them on a separate card or put them up on your wedding website.

6. Get a pro to address the envelopes

When you order your wedding invitations, you should consider taking the envelopes home as soon as possible to start preparing them. This is especially the case if you have another provider, other than your invitation maker, addressing the envelopes.

It is a great idea to hire a calligrapher to write the addresses on the envelopes because they will probably do a beautiful job that will show your guests that you have put some effort into the invitation. You could also decide to address the envelopes yourselves but only do this if you have great handwriting or you’re a pro in calligraphy. If your handwriting is not so neat, hire a pro to do it.

If you choose to write the address on the envelopes, you should do it in several sittings to avoid losing interest in it due to fatigue and monotony. Also, you may use printed labels to put addresses on envelopes, which is super easy and fast. However, addressing each envelope in your handwriting or using a calligrapher does not only give the wedding invitation a more personal touch but is also more formal. You should show your guests that you want them to be at your wedding so much that you took the time to hire a calligrapher or handwrite their address on their invitation envelopes.



A wedding invitation is the first thing for your big day that your guests interact with, so you need to make the best job of it you can. You can use excellent wedding invitation templates from leading stationery makers to make a simple but elegant wedding invitation. With these tips, you can be sure you will pass the information to your guests in the best way possible and create a great impression.