6 Beautiful Ideas For An Enchanting Wedding Venue

Have you always dreamed of having an enchanting wedding like something from a storybook? Do you want to feel like a fairy-tale princess while you exchange ‘I dos’ with your prince? Creating an enchanting wedding venue is easy, and getting wed in a place like this will surely make the event more special and memorable.

You do not have to go beyond your budget to create a fascinating wedding venue. With a bit of effort and a lot of creativity, you can turn your dream wedding venue into reality. You will be surprised how minor fixes here and there can transform your wedding venue!

Can’t wait to get started? Here are six beautiful ideas for an enchanting wedding venue:

1. Add A Floral Wedding Arch

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Flowers are often associated with fairy-tales, so why not incorporate a few into your wedding venue? Flowers are highly versatile, which means that you can easily choose varieties that fit your wedding theme or motif.

One way is to create an enchanting wedding venue using flowers by a floral arch. This décor brings more drama to your setup and functions as the perfect backdrop when you exchange vows with your significant other. You can also add a floral arch at the entrance of the wedding aisle to welcome guests in a more unique, elegant way.

You can choose between two options to add a floral wedding arch: you can have your florist create the venue arch from scratch or look for companies that provide tropical plant rentals. Click here for more information if you are leaning towards the second option.

2. Hold The Ceremony At A Forest Chapel

There are plenty of wedding venues available across the globe today. Regardless of your theme, budget, and number of guests, you can easily find one that fits the bill.

To create an enchanting wedding venue in the easiest way possible, choose to hold your wedding ceremony at a forest chapel. There are now outdoor chapels complete with a wooden altar platform or a pergola in the middle of a forest. While some of these wedding venues are properly roofed, others rely on trees for shade.

Since the venue is already enchanted on its own, holding your wedding ceremony here will no longer require decors. You should consider this option, especially if you are on a budget.

3. Use Chalkboard Signs

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You will have your hands full out on your wedding day, which is why you will no longer have the time and energy to welcome all of your guests. You will be too focused on the ceremony and will only get a chance to catch up with your guests during the reception.

Fortunately, you can still welcome guests while sticking to the theme using chalkboard signs. You can create one with your own and the name of your partner, and your wedding date. Then place it at the entrance of the venue. Using chalkboard signs will also make the wedding feel more personal, aside from creating a warm and inviting environment for your guests.

If you want to get a little wild with your floral decors, place some on top of your chalkboard signs. You can use vines to accentuate the signboard or add large blooms to pop the colors.

4. Use Greenery Accents

Some couples prefer to use as many flowers as possible at their weddings and, others don’t want these colorful booms to become the main feature of the event. Do not worry because you can still create an enchanting wedding venue if you and your soon-to-be spouse belong to the latter part. Instead of solely using flowers in your wedding venue, incorporate more greenery accents. You can use olive branches, eucalyptus, and other greenery stems for your tablespaces, centerpieces, and chandeliers. You can also hang greenery garlands in your wedding venue and at the back of wedding chairs.

Think out of the box and assess how you can incorporate more greenery into your wedding venue. Injecting greenery in different areas of your wedding venue will surely make a real impact and will have your guests buzzing about your unique decors!

5. Decorate With Natural Elements

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When you think of fairy tales, rendezvous in the forest will likely come to mind. Characters from fairy-tale stories would often meet in natural forests, and their stories would immediately blossom from there. You can create an ambiance or theme for your wedding by decorating your venue with natural elements.

If you’re eyeing to have an outdoor wedding, use tree stumps as your seats and wood rounds as your tables. You can even take it up a notch by placing your wedding cakes in thick wood slices. If possible, pitch a tent in a location where a huge tree locates at the center.

What’s magnificent about decorating with natural elements is that you have plenty of options to decide. Do you want your venue to look simply elegant? Focus on using tree stumps and wood rounds for your seats and tables, respectively. Are you planning to go all out with your decors? Incorporate as many natural elements as possible!

6. Use String Lights

Lights play a significant role in your wedding venue. Besides setting the mood of your guests, the types of lights you’ll use can also impact the theme of your wedding venue.

Another design idea you can copy to create an enchanting wedding venue is to use string lights whenever possible. String lights bring more romance to your wedding venue, especially if you’re going to hold the ceremony at night under the stars.

Depending on your preferences, you can solely hang string lights above your wedding venue or use these as curtains. You can also decorate layers of string lights as your backdrop or create a focal point using string lights (wrapping a giant tree with these lights is a great idea).

If you’re going to use a clear wedding tent for your venue, fill the entire ceiling with string lights. This simple decorating hack will transform your wedding venue into an enchanting and romantic nighttime scene.

Work With Your Wedding Planner

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To achieve an enchanting wedding venue, communicate your wants early to your wedding organizer. Let them know how you want your wedding venue to look and feel, so they can start working ASAP and find the right suppliers.

Never attempt to organize your wedding on your own much more make an enchanting wedding venue alone, as this will likely cause plenty of stress. Closely work with your wedding planner, so turning your chosen venue into the wedding venue of your dreams will become a breeze!