8 Must-Haves For a Rainy Day Wedding

Prepare for the unexpected–this is one of the golden rules when planning a wedding. Among others, one thing that can happen on your big day is rain. Nonetheless, it should not dampen the spirit and ruin the celebration.

A solid contingency plan is a must-have. Avoid a nightmare by being extremely prepared. Read on and learn some of the best things to do to have a fun and memorable time despite the rain on the day you say I do.

Tips to Prepare for Rain on Your Wedding Day

Planning a wedding is excruciating. Finding the rings alone is already a challenging task. From reading online reviews to educating yourself from websites like Learning Jewelry, there’s a lot to do!

Booking a caterer, sending the invites, finalizing the guest list, fitting, and rehearsals are just some of the many other things you must take care of.

One more thing that you should not miss is planning for the weather–especially rain. In this case, below are some of the must-haves.

1. A Tent

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Sometimes, rain isn’t too strong to the point that it will force your outdoor wedding to transfer to a different venue. If you are lucky, it will only be light drizzle or a slight shower that can still be dealt with if you have a tent.

Prepare a tent provision waiting at the venue. It should be big enough to accommodate you and your guests.

For the best aesthetic, look for a tent with a clear top. The sight of the raindrops and the ambient noise from the raindrops will add intimacy to the event. A clear cascading sidewall is also a good idea. And to make your guests comfortable, do not forget to add portable heaters.

2. An Indoor Venue

While a tent may suffice during light rains, heavy downpours will make it unfeasible. Especially when accompanied by strong winds, the rain can knock down the tent, which is a nightmare you do not want on your wedding day.

During the planning stage, you must already have a backup plan in case of rain, and that includes having an indoor reception. Look for a venue that can provide you with a safe enclosed area in case it rains. Before signing any contract, see to it that there is a mention of how the venue will be handled in case of rain.

3. Umbrellas

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Umbrellas are some of the most obvious must-haves when preparing for a rainy day. There should be enough umbrellas for each of your guests. This is one thing that you should talk about with your coordinator or venue manager.

You can even consider giving out umbrellas as wedding favors, even just for the bridal party. Personalize the umbrellas with their names if you want to make them more special.

For the photoshoot, go for clear umbrellas, which will prevent casting a shadow. Plus, the look of transparent umbrellas with a rainy background can make your wedding photos more romantic and magical.

4. Ponchos

Umbrellas may not always be accessible, especially if you have a large wedding. The venue might not have enough umbrellas for everyone. If you are looking for a quick solution that won’t cost a lot, it is hard to go wrong with ponchos.

You can give a poncho to each guest without the cost being a burden on your wedding budget. Choose ponchos with colors that are in tune with your wedding theme, so you can remain stylish. Transparent ponchos are also great as it still allows guests to show off what they are wearing inside.

5. Welcome Mat

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This might seem like a simple addition to a wedding, but it is highly functional and practical. Most of the time, it is the venue management that will take care of this, but it won’t hurt to check and make sure they are providing a mat at the entrance.

By having a mat, your guests will have dry shoes as they get to the venue. Not only will it prevent unsightly marks on the floor, but it will also help prevent your guests from slipping on wet surfaces.

6. Boots

High heels for the ladies, dress shoes for the gents. This is what most couples will be wearing on a rainy day. However, imagine the rain and the mud, especially if your wedding is outdoors. Such will be uncomfortable, even gross for some. Be prepared by having a pair of boots handy. Advise your guests as well to wear boots if they prefer.

Keep dry without compromising style. Choose something functional and fashionable. For the brides, hunter boots are great, especially those with bold colors. Choose a style that will match your wedding theme.

7. Warm Food and Drinks

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Keep your guests full and comfortable during a rainy day by providing them with hearty foods and drinks that will keep them warm at the same time. If your wedding date falls on a rainy day, you can curate a menu that focuses on making them warmer.

Aside from the usual soup, it is also a good idea to have a coffee counter. This is where guests can have hot coffee, chocolate, and other hot drinks that will make the weather more manageable.

8. A Fun Spirit

This is perhaps the most important must-have for a rainy-day wedding.

The rain should not stop you and your guests from having fun. It might mean that things won’t go according to the original plan, but this should not hinder the festivities. It can still be a joyful and special celebration if you want to!

Instead of wallowing in sadness, embrace the rain! Use it for your photo shoot. Go out and have fun. Dance in the rain if you must. You cannot control the rain. However, you can control how you will react to it.


Rain on your wedding day? That is possible, but it should not make the event less special! Planning is key! From setting up a clear tent to providing enough umbrellas for your guests, take note of the things mentioned above to make the day you say I do as memorable as possible despite the downpour.