4 Inspirational Christian Wedding Gift Ideas

Weddings are a perfect occasion to show your friends and family you love them by giving them special gifts that are both beautiful, useful and that more importantly – have a deeper meaning. However, when it comes to gifting, it’s not always easy to get started. There are several factors do you need to have in mind when buying a gift for someone. First of all, the message you’re sending with the gift is crucial. Do you want them to feel appreciated? Do you want them to feel loved, respected or do you want to show them that you pay attention to details? These are only some of the messages that could be sent with your gift. That being said, you need to keep in mind that gifting is always a beautiful process, no matter how overwhelming it may become when you start searching for the perfect gift and try to pick just one or several from thousands of products available. It is beautiful because you get to share your thoughts and beliefs with your friends, while making their special day even more special.

The first thing you should do is find a reputable website with high quality products such as holyart.com, where you can find everything that comes to your mind and even more. When you make the first decision about the company or the shop where you wanna purchase a gift from, then all you need are gift ideas and a bit of scrolling.

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But before we dive into some of the most inspirational wedding ideas, first we need to go through the fundamentals of gifting a Christian couple.

Generally speaking, wedding gifts are usually sparkly, costly and their main purpose is to be fascinating rather than sending a special message. However, if a religious Christian couple is getting married, this allows you to both use your creativity and your love for God, to make the most beautiful gift your friends and family will cherish and remember forever. What do we mean by this?

Getting the right gift for the newlyweds is always a challenge. However, it’s so much easier to master this challenge if you know what to focus on. That being said, helping the couple to focus on their faith and also focus on life and religion fundamentals, is a good way of thinking, so if you surround them with beautiful interior decor elements that have religious quotes or motives, this will be one of the best things you could do for them, since you will emphasise their lifestyle, their beliefs, and you will help them create a visually pleasing and enjoyable environment.

1. Interior Decor Accessories

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Picking some interior decor elements is always a good idea if you’re not sure where to start:

Why not picking a beautiful candle holder such as Candle with nativity in clay by Centro Ave, or an Altar candlestick in nickel-planted brass? Opting for elements such as candle holders, book covers, small figurines, magnets, tapestries – the list could go on and on – is a great gift, whether you’re on a budget or you wanna go with more expensive items for your friends or family. One thing is sure: you will make their future home astounding. People adore small angel statues or even the bigger ones, and it’s been proven that they believe that angels bring happiness, joy and health in the house of the owners, so don’t hesitate to pick the angel you like the most and give it as a gift to the newlyweds. Finally, you can always opt for cushions, towels and other home essentials, with religious prints you can find online.

2. Jewelry

We all know that jewellery is eternal it’s something that lasts forever if you we’re wondering what to buy for for the wedding couple getting a valuable piece of jewellery is always a good idea to go with

Some of the most beautiful jewellery pieces are necklaces, bracelets and rosaries with crosses and other religious motives, which are a great gift for religious couples. You can opt for gold or silver, depending on your budget and if you want to make it extra you can even purchase jewellery with diamonds or other valuable stones of your choice. Not only well the couple feel your love but through picking the perfect jewellery they will also be able to feel the love of God every time they wear your gift.

3. Personalized Wall Art

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Decor is one thing, but walls are something completely different. To help your friends make their house into a cosy home, you can make customised wall art for them that includes their pictures, quotes, or even a real artwork.

Find the motives you like, frame them in a beautiful way, and your gift will be ready! You can find wall art that’s made of numerous materials, such as wood, metal, plastic, etc. Try to think of what would be the best fit for the newlyweds, considering their preferences and the interior style of their home. A simple wall cross with a nice light bulb could be the perfect choice if their home is industrial, minimalistic and modern, while a wooden cross or artwork would be ideal if their home is Scandinavian, traditional or mid-century modern. If you’re not sure what would be the perfect choice, simply pick a couple of their most beautiful photos, and add their favorite Bible quote. They will be amazed!

4. Sheets and Blankets

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Not only are these items beautiful but they’re also something that the couple will surely need! These essentials are also a good idea, no matter the occasion:

You can pick sheets and blankets with crosses, quotes or songs of your liking and you can add ornaments, motives and pictures of your choice. Finally, you can add names of the newlyweds if you really want to make it personalized. If you’re not into printing and crafting, you can find a huge variety of products of this kind online, so you can opt for this as well. Add a few candles of your liking, and you made their bedroom into a special and private sanctuary they will love!