Top 6 Tips To Create Cinematic Wedding Highlight Videos

Weddings are celebrated in various ways, just like wedding films are created in a variety of ways. Every wedding has a unique tale to share. The wedding videos give small glimpses and highlights of the memorable event of the couple’s lives— just like a movie. As per the trends, wedding videos and reels are gaining more attention. There are different ways to highlight wedding videos and give a cinematic look. It completely depends on how the video Editor edits the video contents and how smartly it presents the wedding highlights in the video.

Advantages of a cinematic wedding video


The wedding is the most precious day for both bride and groom and their families. This special day deserves to be remembered and captured for a longer time in the form of a wedding video. These videos showcase how effortlessly you and your families work to ensure that the wedding processions are perfectly carried out.

Having a cinematic wedding gives you all the feels of your wedding day whenever you watch it. Looking at these videos helps you relieve stress and reminisce about your special moments in the future. The cinematic video focuses on small details and the things that one person might have missed at their wedding. Even the professionals smartly edit small details to make it look more cinematic and aesthetic.

No doubt it is a special day that deserves to be remembered. Also, how effortlessly you and your families work to ensure that the wedding should be the perfect day for both partners. Cinematic wedding videos have the following benefits:

1. Make you relive your wedding day


Having a cinematic wedding gives you all the fresh feels and helps you in relieving your wedding day.

2. Small detailing

The cinematic video focuses on small details and on the things that one person misses at their wedding. The video editor like InVideo beautifully edits all the small detailing and looks more cinematic and aesthetic.

Explore the top 6 tips for creating a cinematic wedding video

1. Turning the wedding into a story

When we look at cinematic wedding videos, it tells a story.  Therefore,  it should be edited in such a way it looks realistic and beautiful. The story from beginning to end of the wedding should be displayed in the video so that it shows a proper transition. Adding dance videos in between to make it more interesting and fun to watch. The best way to start your wedding video is with some speech or promises that make the video sound more romantic. Weaving clips together in the best way possible makes it more engaging.

2. Keeping it short


Wedding videos are interesting, but long wedding videos can sometimes become boring. It should showcase the real story and the fun that everyone loves to watch your wedding video. It is always a better option to display only the important, joyful, and fun moments between the wedding. Keeping in mind it should be short and crisp.

3. Using the transitions

The hero of any charismatic wedding video is the decoration cover of the bride and groom stage, table, chair, and how the venue is covered in flowers. The main job of any video editor is to highlight those moments previously. Giving an in-depth view of the dresses of both bride and groom and videos of wedding decoration give a classy look. A close-up look of bride makeup and bridesmaid helping her make the video cinematic.

4. Picking the right music

The selection of music in the wedding video should be the key focus. To cover every moment or the speech for bride and groom or parents needed to be edited so that it touches every heart. After editing, you can add soft music with the decoration and emotional videos, some high-volume songs can go with reception and cocktail footage which give video entertaining content. From music to emotional to entertaining moments video editor plays a vital role here, it makes the video more engaging.

5. Use nature to your advantage


When you have no proper light, you should wait for the perfect time for nature to do its work. Capturing all the wedding events in the natural lights will make the video look natural. It also gives a wow factor shooting the videos in the daytime as they are less time-consuming and less expensive. Also, reflectors can help diffuse light using white sheet can work well for the video, but if you have 5 in 1 reflector, you are good to go.

6. Start simply and work smart

Make a clear picture in your head that whatever you are deciding to shoot should give a believable result.  Start with simple and beautiful shots for the video or reels/teaser/trailer. Making a movie is all about how creatively you shoot the video and how innovative your ideas are. Sometimes cinematic videos also include the behind-the-scenes videos telling how the decorations are done and how the groom and bride are getting ready for their big day. If you follow all these tips, making a cinematic video can become easier.

Summing up

Many things should be taken care of while recording a cinematic wedding video because making this type of video takes time. With time and practice, one can acquire the proper knowledge. There are so many things that should be taken care of, like light, sound, effects, etc., to bring out the perfect cinematic video that gives all types of aesthetic and fresh feel to the people watching it. These tips can help make cinematic wedding highlight videos that showcase beautiful glimpses of the wedding.