Best Eyeshades Looks for Your Wedding Day

Your eyes say much about you. It’s where your charm comes from. Although you love being creative with makeup always but the wedding is a day where every girl wants to look extraordinary. Acquiring stunning looks on your big day depends upon various things. The way you dress up your eyes plays an imperative role in this regard. The makeup artists have suggested a series of eyeshades styles give a more glamorous look to brides. They add to their beauty and make them stand out the walking aisle.  Here are some of the best eyeshades looks for your wedding day:

Golden Smokey Eye:

Golden smokey eyes are just perfect to add an elegant touch to every bride. You can carry this style with almost every look. First of all, a neat eyeshadow base is created. NYX is one of the most recommended brands. You can get its eye base in attractive eye shadow boxes. Just put it on your eyelids and they will become like a creamy canvas to create a perfect look. The result is a polished eye. As you start applying eye shadows, the more vivid they are the longer they stay. Custom eyeshadow palette packaging by Naked is perfect for giving this golden smokey look. The bride will love the combination of colors in this cute little kit. You can create a golden Smokey eye for bright day time and make it a little darker for the night. The colors are pigmented. This means that you will get a good amount of color by swiping even a little eye shadow. Information on custom printed boxes for makeup leads you towards better selection of your shades. To find some suitable boxes for your make-up, check TheCustomBoxes.

Source: Saubhaya Makeup

Classic Old Hollywood Look:

This classic Hollywood style gives a highly elegant and glamorous look. It is a good wedding inspiration. The vintage style is perfect for those brides who want a mix of classic looks and glamorous appeal. It makes a bride look like shining starlets. The secret lies in the application of eyeliner. As we have already said, you can find useful information on the boxes that comes with different shades. Check here if you want to know how shades are usually packed. Also, you might be able to offer different shades as a present to someone, which they can use for their wedding day.


Silver Eye Makeup With Soft Pink Lips:

Silver Eye makeup gives an enthralling look and highlights your eyes. For getting this type of look you need to choose custom eyeshadow boxes for soft color profiles. A glimmery touch on the eyelids will make your eyes more prominent. A soft shade of pink is used on lips to complement silver.


Copper Eye Makeup For Traditional Profile:

Usually, brides want to look different. Therefore they prefer a heavy makeup look. Copper eye makeup is the most commonly used style among the brides of today. It gives them a traditional look. As it’s heavy, so it looks fantastic with a beautiful, thick layer of eyelashes. Going for winged tipped eyeliner is perfect to complement copper eye makeup.

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Cat Eye Makeup:

This eyeshadow style is the latest trend of the era. It gives a seamless feminine look that never goes out of style. You need to draw a thin line starting from the inside corner of the top lash till the end. Makeup stylists recommend making the end a little thicker to give it a triangular shape. This is the most versatile style when it comes to eyeshadow application. You can go to a variety of colors according to your choice. The options are unlimited depending upon your creativity and skills. If you have a good makeup artist go for color mixing. A high-quality cosmetic packaging containing a colorful eye shadow palette is recommended for cat eye makeup.

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Metallic Bridal Eye Makeup

This is a suitable eyeshadow style for autumn brides or the one who goes for a color selection in south Indian bridal silks. Silver grayish and golden are some of the shades preferred for getting the metallic look. The artists have various makeup tricks to play with the corner of the eyes. You can keep them dark from the edges and play with metallic colors inside.

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Sparkly Eyes With Long Eyelashes:

Sparkly eyes look awesome on almost every bride. It gives you a royal look. You will be the focus of the attention of everyone as you step on the aisle. Long eyelashes are mandatory to complement sparkly eye look. If you are uncomfortable with wearing artificial eyelashes on your wedding day, you may go for its application a few days prior.

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Peach & Soft Bridal Eye Makeup:

This eyeshade style is recommended for brides who want to give a soft, natural look on their big day. Using peach color enhances your grace and can make you look adorable. For this, choose the makeup boxes containing the hues of peach and pink. Long dark eyeliner is usually recommended to make the eyeshades more visible.

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Final Thought:

Every bride wishes to look spectacular on her wedding day. The best way to achieve an adorable look is to work on different popular eyeshadow styles to make you outshine the crowd.