Recreating A Royal Wedding: It Can Be Done, Even On A Budget

Lots Of Ways To Save Money

Just because you don’t have a lot of resources to bring to the table for a wedding ceremony doesn’t mean you can’t have the most royal affair your community has ever seen. There are ways to work with the system, and around it. There are definitely budgetary solutions out there. You may just have to think a little bit outside the box.

For example, if in this scenario we define “box” as “home country”, then part of getting the most for the least may involve moving the ceremony, reception, and honeymoon to a country that’s less affluent than your own. Don’t think of this as exploitation, as the resources you bring will be greater than those the locals would produce without your input.

Just by hosting your ceremony in such a location, you could actually be providing a local community economic stimulus that lasts them for many months, and would not have come to them except through your ceremony. You save money, they make money, everybody wins.


Incorporating Matrimonial Tourism Into Wedding Plans

A great example of this sort of “matrimonial tourism” is Thailand, where big-ticket weddings can be put together in a lavish—even royal—way that totally outclasses what you could do on the same budget in the United States. You can get three times the wedding in Thailand for about the same cost as hosting the same affair in the United States.

There are a few reasons for this, one of them being the exchange rate. The Thai “baht” is approximately .33 cents, American. So three bahts is one U.S. dollar. Other countries have similar currency differences which give your American dollar much better buying power. If you and your spouse don’t have resources, this can be a way to expand what’s available.

So say you’re courting that “royal” vibe. Now you can literally purchase the décor, venue, officiants, and reception area you saw in that classic Disney film. Sure, it’s got the smell of Thai spices lurking in the background, rather than European floral arrangements, but everything looks the same, the cameras don’t know any better, and the end result works.

Online Wardrobes And Crowd-Sourced Funding

Once you’ve got these details figured out, you’ll want to be sure all other details are cost-effectively explored as well. Consider things like catering, entertainment, photography, and wardrobe. A wardrobe is a big one for a “royal” wedding.

Though it may be impossible to find the royal dresses of movies, films, historical events, or other lavish affairs, that doesn’t mean you should quit searching. Such attire affects people at a core level, and so designers imitate it. There are a lot of dresses out there designed to reflect royal attire; you may be able to find similar ones available on  Azazie. As a bonus, these are cheaper.


An additional way to supplement your income will involve using modern technological tools to your advantage. What’s a royal-style wedding without a royal-style honeymoon? There are crowd-sourced options out there that can provide you with thousands of dollars in terms of buying mkg power that you may never have access to otherwise. If you have yet to consider crowd-sourced options such as Honeyfund, you may want to look into them.

Seeing Your Royal Marriage Vision Come To n the true lavish extravagance of some royal family affair in Britain, you can get so close nobody knows any better but those involved in hosting the whole affair.