20 Unique ‘Something Blues’ For Your Wedding Day

Your special day is the time to showcase unique celebration ideas. It’s the time to put into action the famous wedding saying; “something old, something new, something blue, and something borrowed.

“Something blue” is a symbol of love, fidelity, and purity. Here are unique ideas you can use.

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1. Flats

It’s highly likely that you’ll but some comfortable heels for your wedding day. However, the truth is that they’ll hurt at some point. This is where a pair of flats comes in handy for the “something blue” idea.

2. Nail Polish

A majority of brides choose a subtle color for their nail polish. Most go for pink or nude shades. You could choose different color and be bold with it. Blue would be your best bet in this case.

According to the experts at NailRock, this color would complement the bride’s skin tone and the dress. It would also go well with the groom’s tuxedo. Blue will also accentuate your French manicure or pedicure if you’re planning on having them done on the day of your wedding. Another reason to go for blue is that it can accentuate your eyes. If you’re using a subtle shade like this one, you don’t have to worry about clashing with the dress or your husband’s jacket.

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3. A Tote Bag

Technically, you’d not wear a tote bag for your wedding. However, if you did, it’d be a unique idea. Carry it around as a holder of the items you’ll need on your big day.

4. Your Innerwear

This can be a pleasant surprise for your spouse right after the day’s events. If you choose the color and shade carefully,  underwear in this color could be a little sexy secret between you and your loved one.

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5. Hair Accessories

If you choose to pull up your hair on your big day, go for something unique to accessorize it. A blue headband or pretty hair clip can pull off the look without much effort.

6. Bridesmaids in Blue

The bridal party can start the day in “something blue” like bridal rompers. As they change into their bridal dresses, let the blue theme keep going.

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7. A Clutch Bag

If you’re not for the idea of a tote bag, you have another option, which is a clutch bag. A bold blue clutch is an excellent choice for your big day.

8. Your Hand Bouquet

It’s not uncommon for brides to choose white blooms for their bouquet. To incorporate “something blue” go for blooms like Muscari, delphinium, and nigella.

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9. A Stacked Up Blue Wedding Cake

Consider a three-tier cake in the prettiest shade of blue.

10. Buttoned Up

Most of the items mentioned so far are for the bride, but it doesn’t mean the groom can’t have something blue. A patterned jacket in this colour, instead of the traditional black can break the monotony.

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11. Shoe Stickers

Be creative with your ideas. Get a pair of “I do” stickers and put them on the soles of your heels. However, ensure they get captured in your wedding photos and videos.

12. Wear a Sash

If your gown is very simple, a blue sash can be an easy way to liven it up. Go for light, sky, navy, or dark blue depending on your wedding theme.

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13. A Light Shawl or Wrap

There are high chances that your gown is sleeveless or strapless. Get a pretty wrap with a shade of blue to throw over your shoulders. It’ll keep you warm and also bring out the elegance in your photos.

14. Jewelry

Your choice of jewelry is the best chance to incorporate this idea in your wedding. Choose a blue piece for your necklaces, bracelets, rings, or earrings.

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15. Bobby Pins

A blue and well-sculpted bobby pin is a subtle way to have something in this colour all night long. If well fixed, it’ll help keep your hairstyle in place throughout the ceremony.

16. Napkins

Traditionally, you’ll find white napkins at the dining tables at this special ceremony for you. Replace them with blue ones to make an effortless statement and bring out more wedding details.

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17. Bow Tie

Another unique item for the groom is the bow tie. Match it with a pocket square and ribbon-wrapped boutonniere.

18. Smoke Grenade

Your photo session is the time to experiment with something blue ideas. One example is to blow up a smoke grenade in this colour, then snap a few photos around it.

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19. A Getaway Car

Get a ride for use after the ceremony. A vintage Chevy or any other sweet one with a blue shade will see you drive off in “something old” and “something blue.”

20. Wedding Signs

Another unique idea is to put up some calligraphic signs all around the venue. For the signposts, let them be in a colorful shade of blue.

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Final Thoughts

Your special day doesn’t have to be boring or adapt to traditional styles. Having “something blue” is one unique approach to breaking the monotony that comes with most weddings. Right from your outfit to the wedding décor, many ideas symbolize purity and tranquillity.

If you can’t seem to get enough ideas to match your style, talk to wedding experts at Azazie.