Bridal Bling: Gorgeous Gemstones That Are Perfect for Your Big Day

While your wedding dress is incredibly important, your bridal look is incomplete without fine jewelry. Diamond sparklers have long dominated the bridal aesthetic, but their monopoly is nearing an end as modern brides are opting for colored gemstone jewelry. Any luxury jewelry brand worth its name will offer colored gemstone jewelry in its wedding collection. It is gets even better when you buy it from a custom jewelry seller like Angara, because you get to choose the metal, gemstone and style of your ring.

Here Are the Most Popular Bridal Jewelry Gemstones of 2024

1. Ruby


Ruby, also known as the king of gemstones, is the most coveted red gemstone in the jewelry world. It represents love and passion, and is arguably the most romantic gemstone known to mankind. Ruby jewelry is just as relevant on a red carpet as it is down the aisle. Vintage-style ruby jewelry is particularly in sync with the bridal aesthetic. A hint of red on all that angelic white would be just perfect, right? Millennial brides with a penchant for vampire romances, do it for your teen self (you owe her anyway).

2. Emerald

What better way to start your new beginning than with a gemstone that is celebrated as a symbol of renewal and rebirth? After all, you walk down that aisle as two and emerge as one. So, stock up on the tissues and start exploring your emerald jewelry options. Jewelry with nature-inspired motifs (leaves and flowers) is well suited for the lush green gemstone. But if you want to keep your wedding jewelry simple, solitaire or halo-style studs, pendants and rings are just as good.

3. Blue Sapphire

Blue sapphires have been in the bridal jewelry game for a long time, but are nowhere close to retiring. They have been royal favorites since their discovery. But in 1918, blue sapphire engagement rings established an undeniable sway over brides across the globe when Princess Diana got engaged to Prince Charles. Her oval Ceylon blue sapphire and diamond halo ring set the most significant trend in jewelry history. So much so, that the ring style is still popularly referred to as the Diana-style engagement ring. You can choose your own gorgeous blue sapphire engagement ring, with or without any such inspiration.

4. Blue Diamond


Like the idea of blue sapphires but can’t bear to part with your emotional connection to diamonds? Enter: Blue diamonds. Fancy-colored diamonds are hard to come by and blue diamonds are no exception. Blue diamonds get their natural color due to the presence of boron. Natural blue diamonds usually don’t require any color treatment, which is an added bonus.  Remember the ‘heart of the ocean’ from the movie Titanic? It was fashioned after the most famous blue diamond in the world, The Hope Diamond. Therefore, heart-shaped blue diamond jewelry is bound to set the right tone at a wedding ceremony! Then all you need is Celine Dione singing “Your hearts will go on!”

5. Swiss Blue Topaz

Since we are already talking blue, don’t leave these beauties out of the running. Swiss blue topaz jewelry is an incredible option to add to your wedding ensemble. The bright blue gemstone represents loyalty, righteousness, communication and trust, which are prerequisites of every happy marriage. The best part is, Swiss blue topaz jewelry will cost significantly less than its counterparts: blue sapphire and blue diamond, and look just as stunning.

6. Pink Sapphire

The Barbiecore aesthetic may be a new trend but let’s be honest, the color pink defined your teens. The appeal of pink sapphires lies not only in its nostalgia pertinent to femininity, but also in the ‘wow factor’. The electrifying hot pink color of the gemstone screams ‘fun bride’. Pink sapphire jewelry with additional embellishments like side stones and engraved metal will draw greater attention to the center stone. Which is something that jewelry and wedding ceremonies have in common.

7. Morganite


You want pink sapphires, but less dramatic? Morganites have got you covered. The blushing pink and peachy hues of morganite have become a cult favorite among modern brides. Morganite engagement rings were a big trend in 2024, and now, they have followed brides down the aisle. Morganite is one of the most beautiful pastel gemstones and is perfect for weddings. Morganite jewelry can add a hint of pink without taking anything away from the bride’s traditional whites. When it comes to morganites, we recommend that you go for a matching set complete with earrings, pendant and the wedding ring.

8. Aquamarine

If you want gemstone jewelry with a hint of color, without taking away from the traditional, ethereal, bridal white aesthetic, aquamarines are right up your alley. Their soft cool blue color wows without being overbearing. Aquamarines look particularly stunning when set in cool tone metals like platinum and white gold. Added bonus: your aquamarine jewelry could be your something blue!

9. Black Diamond

If you think the act of getting married is traditional enough as is and you need something nontraditional to act as an equal and opposite force, consider black diamond jewelry. Channelize your inner Carrie Bradshaw and commit in your own off-beat and beautiful way.

10. Citrine


If you are going for a country-rustic wedding aesthetic, then citrine jewelry should be on your watchlist. The orange gemstone will pop against the burnt sienna furniture and cava linen tablecloths. Its scintillating golden-orange hue is at once calming as well as energizing. Citrine will channel the right energy on your big day.

11. Yellow Sapphire

Sapphire is a gift that just keeps giving. Yellow sapphire is another color option in the sapphire saga and it is oh-so-gorgeous. This sun-kissed beauty will add a warm glow to your bridal getup. The gemstone represents divine grace and power which is perfect for a strong and independent queen starting a new chapter in her life.

12. Amethyst

Amethyst is a stunning gemstone that has long been favored for bridal jewelry. Its deep purple color is rich and luxurious, making it a perfect choice for the most special day of a woman’s life. The stone has a unique quality that sparkles in the light, adding an extra touch of glamour to any jewelry piece. Whether it’s an amethyst engagement ring or a pair of amethyst earrings, this gemstone is sure to make the bride feel beautiful and confident on her wedding day. Amethyst also has a rich history and is said to have healing and spiritual properties, making it not only a beautiful but also a meaningful choice for bridal jewelry.

13. Tanzanite

Found exclusively at the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Tanzanites take the concept of rarity to a whole new level. The stunning gemstone is trichroic, which means it exhibits three colors: A dominant blue, a lilac hue, and fiery flashes of red. Gorgeous, right? Since this gemstone is so unique, tanzanite jewelry would be perfect for your special day! Click here to learn how to make gorgeous jewelry photography.