How‌ ‌Much‌ ‌Money‌ ‌Is‌ ‌Too‌ ‌Much‌ ‌to‌ ‌Spend‌ ‌On‌ ‌a‌ ‌Wedding‌ ‌Gift‌

Being invited to a wedding is always exciting. You get to be one of the limited numbers of people to witness the most important day of the couple you know as they tie the knot and begin their life together. And besides, who would mind going to a big party, which is what a wedding essentially is? You dress up, bring along your partner as a plus one, or even better, you get to see everyone you know if the bride or the groom is your close friends or family members.
In any case, weddings are happy events that everyone loves to go to. Music, drinks, food, and good company, it is all so similar and familiar and yet weddings can and tend to be, vastly different from one another. The only thing that is the same is the fact that you have to bring a gift. This is exactly where many guests struggle since there seem to be no clear rules on how much you are supposed to spend on a wedding gift. Or is there?

In this article, we will help you establish a few guidelines for your future wedding going arrangements and bring closer to you the information regarding the right amount to spend for a wedding present. It can also be troublesome to think about what to buy the couple, especially if they are religious and traditional. If that is the case, make sure to check out what Holyart has to offer.

Average Spending Guideline

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If you want the short answer on how much to spend, we will give it to you right here and now. Mind however that this is an average based on numerous people who have been asked the same question. One thing that is important is who the person getting married is, and what your relationship to them is. For example, you should spend the most for your sibling, an average of $195. For best friends, it would be $159 and for any other family member other than your sibling, around $95 should do. For a regular friend, set aside $89 and for your partner’s friend people generally spend $85. If a colleague invites you to their wedding, around $63 should be enough for a great gift. Last but not least, gifts for acquaintances who are throwing huge weddings and inviting everyone are usually around $45.

What is Your Role?

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Now that we have some of the basics established and out of the way, let us talk about your role at the wedding. Apart from the bride and the groom, and the best man or maid of honor (usually best friends), being a groomsman or a bridesmaid is the next biggest thing at the wedding. Individuals who are chosen to stand near the couple at the altar are more important, they are there for a reason. No matter if they are friends or cousins, they should spend a bit more on the present. If you are buying individual gifts, as a groomsman or a bridesmaid you should spend at least $100. If the couple took care of your wear and accommodation, which is usually the case, be sure to start at $125. If all of you are buying one gift, again, around $100 per person is great for a bigger, pricier gift.

Plus One Gift

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Getting a wedding invitation that says you are allowed (and even encouraged) to bring a plus one changes things a bit, especially if the person you bring does not know the couple at all. If you have a partner and they know each other, you will probably get a different type of invitation. If not, you have to take into account their care and will to allow guests to bring an additional person to hang out with and get them something bigger. Since there are two of you, you should spend between $180 and $250 for a close friend or a close family member. For others like distant family members, acquaintances, and colleagues, between $80 and $160 is fine. The plus one usually offers to pay their share, but that is up to you and however you do it is fine as long as you do not spend noticeably little.

Luxury Weddings and Wealthy Couples

One of the worst things for the guests is when the couple are wealthier and they decide to throw a luxury wedding. What do you get people who have everything or can have everything? Even worse, how do you bring a gift and feel it is appropriate if the wedding has five-course meals, constant cocktail hours, an exotic venue, and a rich entertainment program? Make sure not to turn down the invite just because you are struggling with the gift. Events like this are quite memorable and you will not want to miss them. Regarding the budget for the gift, make sure never to strain yourself and spend more than you can afford. People do understand the situation and they are inviting you because they want you there, not your gift. The relationship with the couple is what determines it, not their social status and the fact they decided to have a luxury wedding. Stick to the advice we gave you and have fun!

Cash is Welcome

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The modern trend of giving wedding gifts, apart from the registry, is to give the couple cash in an envelope. It is always welcome and in certain situations even better than an actual gift. That way they can spend it on whatever they need, or even invest or save for later. There are couples who have no use of home appliances or other household items because they already have everything. They do not need actual gifts. More and more young people care about traveling the world, and they would take the chance to visit a faraway place rather than a new kitchen appliance. It is also convenient because you can better calculate and determine how much to give them and never worry if they do not like the gift or cannot use it. The best way of giving money as a gift is to pay into their account or towards one of their financial causes, like a honeymoon trip or other savings. You can even do it well before the wedding if you do not like carrying envelopes full of cash!