Honeymoon Trip – Camping Edition 2024

Many people choose some exclusive destinations for their honeymoon trip. There is a lot of luxurious five-star hotels with incredible service, and a lot of people is dreaming to spend their honeymoon at places like Paris, Dubai, Bali, or some other popular and expensive destination. However, some alternative options are way more exciting and adventurous than traditional ones.

Choosing to go on a camping trip has many advantages over the common honeymoon trips, and some of the most important ones are less stressful vacations, cheaper options, relaxing in nature, and many more choices all around the country. Settling down under some tent in a wood, without any crowd around you and being away from modern life could make to people to create a much healthier relationship, and choosing to spend some time together in nature will surely influence the positive start of your marriage life.

Another benefit is that you will skip all those stressful parts of traveling, waiting in lines on the airport, packing stuff, and hardly have a chance to spend some quality time together on a beach, in a restaurant or any other place, because popular places are always crowded all the time. If you are interested to go on a camping trip, here are some of the most beautiful places for a honeymoon, and guide on and recommendations related to that place and what season is best for a visit.

Joshua Tree National Park

Source: Wildland Trekking

If you are planning to go on a honeymoon during the winter, the Joshua Tree National Park in California would be a perfect place with its amazing ambient and view on some incredible rock formation and dunes. Many people are delighted by beautiful sunsets, and dark skies during the night, which are full of stars since there are no cities in a wide area.

During the winter, the temperature in this place is around 15 degrees Celsius, which makes it perfect for hiking or climbing on rocks. Also, while the snow is rare, there are some occasional snowy nights, which would create a more stunning view, with desert covered in snow.

You could rent a small cabin or a house at some ranch, or you can choose to take your tent and place it wherever you want. Also, it is recommended to bring a few additional devices for increased comfort, like a gas bottle with stove, adapter for your smartphone, electric pillow, coffee thermos, and much more. You can find a lot of camping equipment online. For example, you can visit thecampinggear.com, and choose some high-quality thermos, which would make your mornings more enjoyable with a cup of fresh coffee.

Acadia National Park

Source: SoundBrake

Among many beautiful places to choose during the fall period of a year, our recommendation is to visit Acadia National Park in Maine, which is 160 miles away from Portland. You can witness some of the amazing viewpoints on the East Coast during September and October. Also, you shouldn’t expect to see many people here at this time, which is another advantage, since you seek for more privacy.

Furthermore, there are many wooden cabins for rent all across this national park, which is great since you won`t need to struggle with a tent and unpacking the sleeping bags. Also, you should take a few extra pillows with yourself, because the temperature sometimes falls near 32 degrees.

Colorado with its National Parks

Source: Denver7

Colorado is a place with many beautiful national parks, with Grand Canyon as the most popular one. Spring is the best period for visiting this place, especially during May, when you can enjoy the full potential of Colorado. During May, the average temperature is around 70 degrees, which is perfect for hiking around the desert, climbing on rocks, or just enjoy the amazing viewpoint of Grand Canyon.

Another great place perfectly suitable for a honeymoon trip is the Zion National Park in Utah, which is around 100 miles away. There are also other interesting places between these two, such as Horseshoe Bend, and Glen Canyon and Lake Powell. The best experience would be to take a tent with you and settle in some marked place in the desert. You can create a perfect ambient if you find a spot with additional benches and table, and a fire place surrounded with rocks, where you can prepare some meal, or just enjoy the fire during the night.

Sierra Nevada

Source: SciTechDaily

While most popular destinations for summertime are resorts near the sea. But instead of laying on some beach in Tahiti, Bali, Hawaii, or some other place, you could choose a quiet place instead, where you could enjoy in peaceful preparation of marriage life, and develop even a deeper relationship.

If you are interested in a more exciting destination, where you can enjoy the quiet of beautiful landscapes, we advise you to choose Sierra Nevada Mountains, and you can enjoy in the view on mountain tops, lakes, some old towns from the era of settlement, hot springs, and many more.

The average temperature during summer is around 70 degrees, with above 50 during the night, which is still suitable for sleeping in a tent, but with additional blankest that you should take with you just in case. Also, from other options, you can choose a cabin or camping vehicle. However, the best and most bonding adventure would be to take a tent, and some additional stuff if you want to stay here for a longer time.

Luxurious Ways of Camping

Source: My Travel Backpack

One of the benefits that people find important when they are choosing some destination is being less expensive. While people find camping trips suitable because of the cheaper price, there are also some luxurious alternatives to regular sleeping in a tent or some small wooden cabin.

Glamping is a popular term for the set-up of a place where you can stay during your camping trip. You can still sleep in a tent, except here you will be staying an oversized one with a comfortable bed, air condition system, and much more.

While many people consider this way of camping too fancy, with a lack of a real experience, where you will have to involve at least some effort, luxurious camping would surely provide you with amazing, romantic, and unforgettable experience.