Must-Try Wedding Ideas for 2024

You may not be aiming to be a New Year bride, but if you’re intending to hold your wedding this year, it’s past time to get the planning started. This year, serious statement touches and bold pops of color will be making waves. From the ceremony aisle decoration to the invitation suite, food, and beverage, everything will bear the couple’s unique style and color palettes. If you want to explore creative ideas and amenities for your reception or wedding halls, click here.

And since all couples want a wedding that will be uniquely theirs, their sentimental color palettes will be extending beyond the usual blue to inventive and fun themes that will reflect their one-of-a-kind love story. This is the start of a dazzling new decade of weddings and its themes. If you’re struggling to find a perfect concept, here are some fabulous and on-trend wedding ideas that you can draw inspiration from.

Sustainable green weddings

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Green weddings are on the rise. If you want your special day to mirror your advocacy and commitment to a reduced carbon footprint or zero waste, you can go for an ‘upcycling’ wedding theme. An example of this upcycling concept is resetting an heirloom or family stone engagement ring. Aside from that, you can also repurpose ceremony florals, source locally-grown ingredients, or hire vendors who advocate and practice sustainability. With sustainable weddings, you are not only saving money but you’re also encouraging your guests to emulate a greener and cleaner lifestyle.

Micro weddings

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Another great wedding idea for 2024 is an invite-only type of wedding. People used to love huge crowds during these special occasions. You couldn’t blame them; they only wanted to share their love and happiness with as many people as they could. However, this year the trend is Micro Weddings!

Be selective with your guests, think of 50 people or less. Like any kind of exclusive party, this kind of celebration delivers big. First, you can set your per guest budget higher. Next, you can also make your giveaways more personalized and more elaborate. With the budget for each guest higher, your menu and giveaways are given personalized touches that will surely leave your guests in awe. This specific style soiree works best for introverted individuals and people who hope to keep the wedding more intimate.


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Mysticism is also one of the best 2024 trends. The spiritually charged vibes of aura photobooths, palo santo, saging, and crystals can make your wedding sparkling. This concept, however, is not something you can force. You need to find your unique style as a couple and work with these elements. You can make rose quartz crystal as your giveaway. You can also go for classic love stone as giveaways, too. If not, you can ask all your guests to pass your wedding rings around while the ceremony is on-going to imbue them with good wishes and good energy.

Carefully thought-out inclusive menus

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We’ve read about how people have been lobbying for inclusivity and wedding themes are no stranger to this advocacy. This year, more and more couples are being thoughtful about inclusivity. From wedding planning to reception menus, giveaways, and ceremony, inclusivity becomes an important highlight. For example, if you’re not sure what food your guests prefer, you can include several types of diets on your menu. Prepare food for the vegetarians, for those with nut allergies, and also for those who want lots of protein. Not only that, but you also need to be considerate of what your guests will be sipping. Better yet, hire a mixologist who can carefully craft delicious alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Everyone will be happy all throughout the wedding.

Combs and barrettes

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While veils will always be here to stay, tiaras decided to retire and pave the way for combs and barrettes. If you adorn these accessories with colorful enamels, rhinestones, or pearls, you’ll get a perfectly unique wedding hair accessory. These are great for keeping those natural curls in place and for creating a different look fit for the party at the wedding reception.

Online weddings

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The pandemic didn’t stop couples from exchanging marriage vows. Even wedding suppliers are altering the way they provide their goods and services to their customers. New York State has also adjusted its normal process. Under normal circumstances, marriages are only valid in the state if the couple personally appears before one of the five different borough offices. Because social distancing is part of the new normal, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has issued Executive Orders so people seeking a marriage license in New York can do so remotely. Clerks are also allowed to officiate wedding ceremonies via video conferencing.

Aside from that, there are companies providing online coverage of weddings to be shown to online guests. The couple can hold a private ceremony with an officiating priest and the media outfit live streams the ceremony to invited guests. Some couples are even going to the extreme of renting out reception halls, and holding a buffet with their guests while viewing them from their monitors. To make this special day safe for the couple, they also wear PPEs or protective masks. There are even drive-thru weddings where the couples have their special day officiated through a two-way radio. All these adaptations prove one thing — there’s nothing in this world that can stop two hearts that are bound to be one.

These are just a few of the wedding trends you can experiment with to make your 2024 wedding fun, merry, and filled with overflowing love. When you pick any of these ideas, make sure that you’ll absolutely love it. It’s your big day after all.

And while you’re deciding, take note of the amenities that you need to put together, too. Even if there are limitations on where you’ll get your supplies and how you can hold your wedding ceremony, your creativity will always make you win. Plan your wedding carefully because only then can you have peace of mind to fully enjoy the celebration.