Crazy Ideas to Serve at Wedding

If you are ready to tie the knot with your loved one and have already set the date for your big day, you are probably ready to start planning your wedding. However, if you don’t want to have an ordinary wedding with the overused trend for weddings, but a unique day for yourself, you are at the right place. We have handpicked some crazy ideas you can serve at your wedding. Using these unique ideas will make your ceremony unforgettable.

Crazy Ideas to Serve at Wedding

Source: Real Simple

A Late-Night Food Truck

Source: Brides

It is often the case at weddings that when the ceremony is almost over everyone gets hungry again, especially the bride and the groom. Hence, it will be quite surprising if you hire a late-night food truck. So, everyone will enjoy the goodies from the food truck and go home full. Treat your guests with such a surprise and everyone will feel full and delighted.

Carnival Food

Source: Martha Stewart Weddings

Serving carnival food at your wedding is probably one of the craziest ideas on our list. You can serve carnival food at your cocktail hour, reception, or after-party and remind everyone on their favorite fairgrounds. This might not be a healthy option, but everyone loves a guilty pleasure now and then. Some of the carnival food which will be fun to serve includes caramel corn, French fries, mini pies, kababs, lollipops, pizza slices, cotton candy, and fried dough.

Beer Pong

Source: Willmus Weddings

Who doesn’t love a game of beer pong? If you and your future spouse are big beer lovers, why not play the game on your special day?! This game is the perfect entertainment for all your guests and will get everyone involved. You can also play the game with Prosecco or other preferred drink instead of beer.

Locally Made Food and Drinks

Source: Martha Stewart Weddings

This is the perfect idea for any wedding ceremony, especially if you have a destination wedding. Hence, you can prepare welcome baskets with locally made food and drinks for your guests. So, instead of traditional wedding dinner foods, try serving locally grown and made food and drinks from the area where you’re having your ceremony. If you don’t know which products to choose, visit for help.

A Taco Bar

Source: The Fifth Wheel Catering

You know that only tacos have the ability to please everyone. Thus, why not rent a taco bar for your wedding. Sounds crazy, right? Well, taco bars are an available option you should consider and you won’t need a caterer. The best part about this idea is that your guests will be able to craft their own masterpiece. Additionally, if you want to please even your pickiest guests, set up a variety of food stations and organize an ‘Around the World’ style menu.

 A Cheesecake

Source: Rainbow Sugarcraft

No wedding can go by without a traditional wedding cake which comes after dinner. But if you want a crazy idea, why not try a cheesecake instead. This is a trendy and very tasty alternative to a traditional wedding cake. Moreover, choosing a cheesecake for your wedding is the perfect option for an unconventional couple.

A Snow-Cone Machine, Ice Cream Stand or Popsicle Bar

Source: The Bella Event Design and Planning Blog

Last but not least, you and your guests can chill with a snow-cone machine, ice cream stand, or popsicle bar. These are amazing and fun ideas to serve at your wedding, especially if it is taking place in summer, and something we don’t often see. Give your guests a treat they won’t forget!