Heartfelt Wedding Wishes Video Ideas

While there are many ways to congratulate someone on their wedding, a wedding video message is certainly the best way to make it last for a lifetime. Regardless of whether you’re going to attend or not, a wedding wish video is a perfect way to speak your heart out, and a memorable moment for friends, family, and guests during the reception or the wedding shower (something that they can relive by watching the wedding film should your message be touching enough).

On that note, let’s take a look at some of the most beautiful and heartfelt wedding wishes video ideas that you can think of:

1. Make it funny!

Every big occasion must start with a great laughter! And what better way to make someone laugh than with a bit of comedy in your wedding wish video?

Well, there are many ways to do so. Starting from sharing something amusing from your own life, to teasing the couple about their life, or even telling a funny story about the bride or groom that can lighten up the mood in a positive manner. The point is to make everybody laugh and have a joyous celebration.

2. Or emotional!

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Trust me, there’s nothing wrong in feeling too emotional on the auspicious day of a wedding. Just say what you have to say and don’t be embarrassed. Even if you feel like you’re gonna cry, go for it. After all, emotions make us human, and all it’s going to do is make your video wish look more heartfelt and honest.

You can also thank them for being friends through thick and thin and congratulate them for finding each other.

3. Break a song

Music can seriously do wonders when words fail. So if you’re out of words and don’t know how to express yourself, you can always sing a song to convey the same. And no! you don’t even have to be a very good singer to do that. Just remember to pick a song that shows how happy you feel for the couple and freely sing without worrying about all the right notes and keys.

4. Re-enact their proposal

Whether you’re the friend of the groom or the bride, if the proposal between the two is worth telling and not a sad story, then no need to hide it. Just make sure to add an element of surprise in the video like something hilarious that took place during the proposal, or a picture of them from an early date or vacation.

5. Mimic the bride or the groom, or both

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This one is for those who know how to mimic or act. You can imitate either of them or both. It could be anything entertaining from a day-to-day interaction between the two to a relatable scene from a movie or show.

You can also use a little make-up to look like them in a comical way.

6. Give a word of wisdom

If you’re married for long and have something to share from your own experience, go ahead and do that. Record a video message along with your spouse and tell them the key to a happy married life. This could also include the little things, like the fights and the arguments, the responsibilities and the rewards, or anything you think might be of value to the newlyweds.

You can also pull a prank on how their marriage life is about to change their individual lifestyles and how things are not going to be the same hereafter as they have no idea of what they’re getting into.

(However, the idea is not to scare them off, but to excite them up.)

7. Celebrate the past

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Make a wedding wish video about the past by recounting the major events and special moments that got them to tie the knot. Start telling the story from way back when they first met, be it school, college, or the mall, and then shed some light on how their love story developed and progressed. You can also pinpoint the similarities between the two and how it has helped them in the past, and how it can help them in future as a compatible couple.

8. Recap the Bachelor/Bachelorette party

If you were a part of their bachelor or bachelorette party, you might want to do a little recap of all your crazy adventures for friends and family. You can take adequate photos, video clips, or wild memories from any events that took place to make the video look more appealing and amusing.

9. Invite more friends, family, and loved ones on the video

Try having as many people as you can on the video to wish the couple and be part of the celebration. Have them all say something celebratory, may be toast a champagne ot something, or do a little group dance for the couple and guests.

10. Don’t forget to apologise for not being able to make it

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Sending a video message when you’re not there to attend in person is one thing, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t apologise for missing the biggest day of their life. Even if not right off the bat; do make sure to tell them how sorry you are and that you look forward to meeting them soon.

Of-course, there are dozens of other amazing ideas that you can use to personalise a wedding video message for your loved ones. In any case, it’s the closest you can get to when not actually present in the wedding ceremony.

In case you’re not too confident about your own skills when it comes to creating a wedding wish video, you can always take help from the experts. Speaking of which, celebrate.buzz is one such professional wedding wish video maker that you can get in touch with to have a personalized video message ready within minutes.

Hope this info proves helpful, but for more assistance, kindly get in touch with us or leave your query in the comments section.