Luxurious Cars For Royal Weddings

The royal weddings are the ones which are from royal families and they have everything it can take to acquire the classiest and spectacular car models for the wedding. When the royal wedding is taking place in the USA, there must be amazing cars to be used for attendance. There are also wedding car rental services which can offer the best of the vehicles for your special day. Always when organizing a royal wedding, for renting the best wedding cars visit here This way you will get the spectacular car to take you in these royal weddings.

Here are the most luxurious cars for a royal wedding in the history. You can also check for the history of the automobile.

1. 1950 Phantom IV Rolls-Royce

The vehicle is among the best and classic ones that can be used for royal weddings. The car was also used in 2011 in a certain royal wedding and Britain knows this luxurious car very well. The car was built to be for the before Princess Queen Elizabeth II around 1950. Phantom IV model is among the most known eighteen cars which were built by Rolls-Royce for seven years since 1950. The model contains 5.7-liter space for gas, an 8-cylinder straight engine and it is for the states’ heads and two British royal family members.


2. 2017 Speed Bentley Mulsanne

The most known fabulous automobiles which got to ride Meghan Markle’s mother was the Bentley Mulsanne and phantom car. The car is British’s full-sized, handmade classic car and the report says it was registered around January 2018 but it is still a collectible one. The car was described by its automatic makers that it is consummated Bentley Saloon which contains 522-hp V-8, 6.8 liters and its price is nothing less than $300,000. The model is still new in the market and only meant for =royal people and at their weddings just like a phantom car.

3. 2002 State Limousine Bentley Golden Jubilee

The car was used to carry Prince Phillip and his mother to their wedding ceremony in this limousine which was created in 2002 for Golden Jubilee of the Queen. The car has a taller and longer model and it is based on the Bentley Arnage R. it is able to carry V-8 engine which can produce up to 400 hp, has twin-turbocharged, 6.75 liters space of gas and has a torque of 616 lb-ft. it can go to a maximum speed of around 130mph

4. 420 Daimler DS Limousine

The cars are said to have been built around 1992 and since they were auto made, they have always been in charge. This model car was used to take Meghan’s closest friend, Kate Middleton who is the new sister-in-law to Meghan, to the wedding. It carried four page boys and six bridesmaids where Princess Charlotte and Prince George were also in this car.


5. 1968 Concept Zero Jaguar E-Type

The car is left-hand drive and also the sports car for British royal families. It drove newlyweds near Windsor Castle for their reception. This car has a jug with a registration number plate that is E190518 and the plate number only commemorated for the royal’s wedding date that was 19th of May 2018.

The above are among the best luxurious cars for the royal wedding that have so far been used. Any royal person can get these car types from the car rental agencies since they are available for rental as well.