Florham Park, New Jersey – Should NJ Be Your Honeymoon Destination

Florham Park is a borough that belongs to Morris County in the state of New Jersey. It had once belonged to Chatham Township in the past but was incorporated as a borough in 1899 by virtue of the Act of the New Jersey Legislature. The area was first settled around 1680 to 1700 as a farming community, with the land fertile and rich so that it is considered a prime farming area even in its earliest days. The area flourished when the millionaire family of the Vanderbilts bought land and created a sprawling country retreat in 1887. This estate they called Florham as a combination of “Florence” and “Hamilton”, from names of Florence Vanderbilt and her husband Hamilton McKown Twombly.

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Fast Facts

  •    The first settlers to Florham Park were English people who built farms in the area.
  •    It was first known as Hoppingtown.
  •    The area soon flourished with the manufacturing of brooms so that it was soon known as Broomtown.
  •    Over the years, the city further changed names or earned more nicknames, including Columbia and Afton.
  •    After the Vanderbilt family built their estate there, the area flourished and soon changed its name to Florham Park. The granddaughter of Cornelius Vanderbilt, Florence Vanderbilt, was the one who settled in the area to build the estate along with her husband.
  •    It was the first part of the Hanover Township but was later handed over to Chatham Township.

Best Hotel Accommodations

The borough of Florham Park has several hotel accommodations to provide travelers with a good place to spend their vacation or business trip. It is best to select the hotels rated by most travelers as the best in the area. According to Reservations.com, Hamilton Park Hotel & Conference Center is, by far, among the best options in the borough, providing travelers with conference facilities, free shuttle service within a 5-mile radius, full-service business center, and lots of recreation options.

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Tourist Attractions

There are plenty of tourist attractions that visitors to Florham Park can enjoy. Imagine That!!! is a children’s museum where visitors can find plenty of interactive exhibits. It is also a good place to spend parties and special occasions. It is a fun destination for the whole family. Travelers will also enjoy playing golf at Brooklake Country Club or Pinch Brook Golf Course. They can also find interesting options at the AAA New Jersey Automobile Club. Florham Park Roller Rink is a good destination to watch the skaters or even enjoy skating if you know how. Travelers to Florham Park can also find several swimming options in the city.

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Exploring the City

Florham Park offers easy convenience to travelers as it provides plenty of public transport options for guests and visitors. It is easiest to explore the city aboard a motorized vehicle so that tourists can cover as much area as possible. Also, the area attractions are often located far from each other so that it is more convenient to have your own vehicle. Don’t forget to visit the downtown area to be able to buy some cool stuff to bring home with you.