14 Housewarming Gift Ideas for Newly Married Couples

Many couples move in together before they get married, so often they have everything they need for a comfortable life and their friends don’t know what to bring them as a gift when the wedding comes around. Most of them already have a lot of things they need for their home. You can always bring them some vouchers or money, but it’s also normal to buy something housewarming and meaningful, and useful at the same time, so they can keep it and use it, not to pass to someone else.

You can always choose between something modern or traditional, or you can mix both types of a housewarming present for your just married friends. But, you should be ready for a challenging journey, and we can ease this task for you.

Here are a few ideas for housewarming presents for newlyweds:

1. Decanter for alcoholic beverages

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One stylish decant bottle and four or six beautiful glasses is always a good idea for the couple who loves to spice up their life with a high-quality alcoholic beverage. You can personalize the bottle by engraving their names, initials or surname, that will add more meaning to the gift. If you can, you can also add a bottle of beautiful wine or whiskey.

2. Personalized kitchen supplies

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Many handcrafters can make personalized mugs, forks, knives, spoons, and cutting boards, that is perfect as a housewarming gift your friends will always use. You can be 100% sure that you can never be wrong with this choice. No one can have enough coffee mugs, so you can be sure you choose right if you decide to bring a present like this.

3. Useful kitchen utilities

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You need to know their home really well so you can choose a useful kitchen device they will use all the time. Choose between different types of blenders, mixers, juicers, toasters, meat slicers, or visit this site so you can get more practical ideas. If you aren’t sure, you can always ask them what they really need, especially if you are close to them.

4. Board games for their spare time

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Find the best board game at the store or bring them a 1000 pieces puzzle to help them fill up their spare time. You can play that game together with them and other friends when you go for a visit. Or you can visit homeusetool in order to get more practical ideas.

5. Luxury coffee or tea set

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For people who love to drink coffee or tea, it is always perfect to have one more beautiful cup or mug, together with a teapot or brewing machine. If you can spend more money, you can buy a high-quality espresso machine. They will appreciate it and be thankful forever.

6. Home wine bar

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If they love wine, you can choose a special bottle, or invest in a beautiful home mini wine bar. It looks very stylish and luxurious, and they will use it all the time.

7. Custom welcome sign

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Every warm house has a welcome sign when you get in. If they don’t have, you can order a customized design that will include some special message and their names, so their guests will always feel welcomed in their house.

8. Bookends for reading addicts

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If they have a lot of books, you can help them hold with beautiful bookends. You can find a lot of shapes and designs that fit their room.

9. Personalized wedding clock

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Use some of their wedding photos to create a custom design for a unique wall clock. It’s a great way to show that you appreciate their friendship and the memory of the best day of their life.

10. Pillows and cushions

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Everyone loves a comfortable and cozy pillow, so you can never make a mistake if you decide to give them one or two. You only need to know what type of pillow they prefer. If you don’t have that information, you can create a personalized pillowcase or small pillows for the living room couch.

11. Special memory box

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Memory boxes are special and beautiful. You can get a custom design, engrave their names, their wedding date, or something that is meaningful for them. They can use it to keep the most beautiful memories there, such as jewelry and photos, brochures, or concert tickets.

12. Cooking book

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A good cooking book is always a good idea, especially if they love food and spend a lot of time cooking special meals in their kitchen. You can find a lot of books in the bookstore, or you can order it online. You need to pay attention to what they usually want, for example, meat, desserts, or if they are vegans or vegetarians.

13. Spa basket with cosmetic essentials

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A beautiful basket with a few shampoos, shower gels, soaps, body mist, hairbrush, comb, and towels is a great idea. You can even order personalized towels with their initials on them. It may seem that this is not so special gift, but believe us, it’s meaningful for them.

14. A beautiful and soft blanket

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Bring them a comfy and soft blanket, so they can cover themselves while watching movies at the nights. You can choose between a wide array of similar products, so you can find the best one for them.

When you need to buy something special for close people, that you love, it can be pretty hard. But, you can never get wrong with something they will use at home, especially if they are newly married couples who already moved in together. They have a lot of expenses because of the wedding and a whole organization around it and it’s normal to forget to buy enough glasses or mugs, a good juicer or a microwave. But, friends are here to help. Don’t buy things that even you wouldn’t use in any case. Everything you plan to give as a gift needs to be useful and meaningful at the same time. It doesn’t matter if you buy something cheap or expensive. The meaning is always more important for those who receive the gift, and also for those who give it too.