Lighting tips and solutions for your backyard wedding

Wedding ceremonies are one of the most beautiful moments where two kindred souls will unite in one, and they can share this immense love and happiness with their closest friends and family. This moment will forever be remembered in the memories of those who will be present, so it must look perfect. According to the measures recommended by the health institutions, lately, it is strongly recommended that these types of celebrations and gatherings be held outdoors due to the pandemic. That is why many couples who want to get married aspire to make this ceremony in the garden in their home where they will gather only the closest circle of family and closest friends.

If you are one of them, we have some interesting tips that would be of great help to you for this sweet little celebration in your backyard. It is advisable to choose the right time of year, the summer period that will allow the wedding to take place outdoors. Invitations for guests, food, and engagement of the band are some of the easier activities that will not take much time. What you really need to pay attention to and dedicate is the lighting in the yard. However, weddings start at sunset and last until late at night or early in the morning.


In addition, we will give you some tips on how to give enough light to the yard and make this party look like a fairy tale.

– You can place candles on the tables intended for the guests. And I’m not talking about regular candles, but those in fancy glass cups. As an additional surprise for the guests present, the candles you choose may have a scent. The choice of scent can be yours, but our recommendation would be to choose a delicate floral scent that will fill the whole yard. This will contribute to a better atmosphere and the guests will be delighted in any case. I just hope that the candles will be lit throughout the night or as long as they last and will not be extinguished by the wind.

– To make the evening look even more magical than it is, you can take light bulbs that we use to decorate the yard during the Christmas holidays and make a rooftop tent. This will illuminate the garden much more where you will say the fateful yes. Just imagine the scene, all these little lights that create a kind of starry sky. The scene will be so beautiful for making videos and photos with the people you love.

– At the position where the band will be placed, you can mount LED strips that glow in all colors. Once you have the first dance with the love of your life and the food and cake are served, it will be time for everyone to have some fun with the music that the band or the DJ has prepared for you. These LED strips with colorful colors will additionally give you the feeling that you are in a nightclub and will lift the atmosphere. The guests will immediately get up and everyone will play to the beat of the music played by the band.


– If you do not want to have such a romantic wedding, and you need lights that will illuminate the space well, you can always choose the simplest variant and place spotlights. Although they are not good for setting up a fairy-tale stage, they are still quite functional and do their job, they illuminate the evening events very well.

–  If you were thinking about a wedding on the beach, now you can afford to capture that moment. It will not be the same but it will still have some similar features. You can place torches around the garden, and I’m not talking about real torches, we would not want to endanger the safety of the guests present. These torches run on electricity, but they look like real ones. Instead of a real flame, there is a bulb in the form of a flame that gives the same amount of light that you need. And in the center of the yard, you can place a firepit next to which you can say the fateful yes. This firepit, in addition to being a great fit, if one of the guests gets cold during the evening, they can freely approach it and warm up.

– And as the last suggestion for the lighting of your garden for the wedding that is coming, are the chandeliers. If you are planning to make a bougie wedding this is the right way to do it. Chandeliers are a wonderful detail that will make this night look like the cover of Vogue. If you install chandeliers, you will make the ambiance look very classy and stylish, and the backyard will be lit up to the maximum.


I hope that with these few suggestions we have managed to raise your imagination about how to design the look and how to light the yard in the evening for your wedding. Of course, there are many other ways you can light up your garden, but we have rejected these six ideas that are mostly used and are quite popular lately.

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Make your wedding look like a dream and like a fairytale, and allow yourself to make this evening look magical and memorable. Choose the idea that you like the most and enjoy these moments filled with love and happiness.